My objective is basically to research into the different kinds of flavours that I could use to make the product Coca Cola this will also mean asking customers if they would prefer the logo itself to be changed aswell as the packaging.

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Coca Cola is the most popular drink I have decided to change both the packaging of the drink and the flavouring. This will be quite a challenging task to do, as I will have to do a lot of research on the existing product first. Research work will involve for example looking in the Internet and e-mailing to existing companies for information packs etc.

I will offer all the opportunity to customers (people) and listen to there comments on my design of product comparing it to the original product, of course this will be first done by questionnaires and surveys etc. so different peoples views will be analysed at the end and the results will show me if my product will be successful in the market.

My objective is basically to research into the different kinds of flavours that I could use to make the product Coca Cola this will also mean asking customers if they would prefer the logo itself to be changed aswell as the packaging.

I will only make this product if there is a need in the market as if there is no need in the market my product will not sell which will mean I will not be making a profit. I will also need to consider the following:



        Amount of flavouring



        Other please specify  

Other than the above I will also need to find out exactly how well the drink is selling at present to see just what other changes may be needed.   

Marketing is concerned with identifying customer’s needs and satisfying those needs at a profit in such a way that the customers come back again and recommend the firm to their friends.

Marketing involves everything that an organisation has to make happen if customers are to be satisfied with its products. This is the reason why I have chose to market a mobile phone to my customers as there is a wider market out there for this product. In order for organisations to satisfy customers effectively and successfully, they would need to assess customer needs. By marketing my product I have met consumer needs and this involves developing strategies, which are then translated into a series of marketing plans. Marketing is, therefore, a planned purpose, which by ensuring a business satisfies customers needs and meets its business objectives helps it to outperform its rivals which I think I would be successful in doing as there is the younger generation who are constantly purchasing mobile phones and there is a great market out there.

I would need to think about my objectives and in order to do that I would need to research about my product, plan everything out, take steady and smooth actions and try to be in control so that my product sells and then I may be able to meet my objectives.

In order to implement a marketing strategy this requires making many decisions:

 What is the market?

Non-competitive market

Competitive market



 How do we segment the market?

Working out all the possible markets for a good is called segmentation and each part of the market a segment.

 What are the wants & needs of each segment?

Businesses produce goods and services to meet the wants and needs of consumers everybody has wants and needs.

 What is the best price?

If the demand for a good or service starts to increase, prices will follow and suppliers will devote more resources to producing that good or service.

 Which promotional method should be used?

An efficient network of communications is essential for successful promotional activity. The promotional mix comprises all the marketing and promotional objectives of the marketing mix.

 How should we distribute the product/service?

And changing environments mean that marketers’ needs for information are never ending.

 Social & cultural environment

 Economic Environment

 Political & legal environment

 Technological environment


Produce a marketing strategy for a product or service with a clear understanding of the principles of marketing

The marketing principle

Many organizations think of marketing as sales. Others think of it as advertising. Twenty years ago students learned the four “p’s” of marketing: product, place, price and promotion, and today it’s the four “c’s:” customer, competition, cost and communication. Basically the definition of the market place is continually changing. Because of the fact I will be carrying a similar task, which will involve me to change or make my own product I will have to consider the following:

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Satisfying – Every and each customer wants their necessities to be met. Matching customers’ needs and expectations demands detailed answers to questions. They want the right goods, at the right time, at the right price. Because my product will be based on a soft drink many consumers would want to try new drinks so I will have to set a reasonable price for it to be sold at to satisfy customers. For example the drink coca cola is aimed at every one and also is reasonably priced.

Identify: I would need to consider answering questions like how I will have ...

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