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My objective is basically to research into the different kinds of flavours that I could use to make the product Coca Cola this will also mean asking customers if they would prefer the logo itself to be changed aswell as the packaging.

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Coca Cola is the most popular drink I have decided to change both the packaging of the drink and the flavouring. This will be quite a challenging task to do, as I will have to do a lot of research on the existing product first. Research work will involve for example looking in the Internet and e-mailing to existing companies for information packs etc. I will offer all the opportunity to customers (people) and listen to there comments on my design of product comparing it to the original product, of course this will be first done by questionnaires and surveys etc. so different peoples views will be analysed at the end and the results will show me if my product will be successful in the market. My objective is basically to research into the different kinds of flavours that I could use to make the product Coca Cola this will also mean asking customers if they would prefer the logo itself to be changed aswell as the packaging. I will only make this product if there is a need in the market as if there is no need in the market my product will not sell which will mean I will not be making a profit. I will also need to consider the following: Taste Flavour Amount of flavouring Wrapping Texture Other please specify Other than the above I will also need to find out exactly how well the drink is selling at present to see just what other changes may be needed. Marketing is concerned with identifying customer's needs and satisfying those needs at a profit in such a way that the customers come back again and recommend the firm to their friends. Marketing involves everything that an organisation has to make happen if customers are to be satisfied with its products. This is the reason why I have chose to market a mobile phone to my customers as there is a wider market out there for this product. ...read more.


About five years ago this would be a question that would be feasible to answer, as then Coca Cola existed in it's original form. A survey that I conducted shows that many people preferred the original Coca Cola. However the results reveal that majority of them (i.e. 17 out of 20) are not satisfied with the packaging of the drink and would like it to be more colorful aswell as in various designs rather than just in one 'rather boring' design which has the been the same for quite so many years now. Another feature that customers (from the 20 people I interviewed) would like to see changes and improvements to is the size of the product. Further questioning revealed that the reason for improving the size i.e. up to 5 litres would be convenient when holding family parties. These findings were very useful to me as they made me realize what the publics demand is and what I need to do to make the product acceptable in the market, which in return would help me make a profit. The twenty people I asked replied on the basis of looking at media, which is one of the things that influences the market. They thought that advertising was a good way to promote Coca Cola, as it is very common and popular. The secondary data shows advertisements are sold in spots and the daytime spots cost less because there are little audiences. Many people watch television in the evening the most as they relax so most of the advertisements are on then, and also mainly in the mornings as a lot of people turn the television on in the mornings. Out door advertising- poster sites in Britain are mainly in big cities alongside main roads close top the cities. They includes the sides and backs of buses, banners and boards at football and other sports events, both the inside and outside of London and other city taxis, bus shelters, and boards at bus and railway stations. ...read more.


the sun. I could also use this information to decide what channel to advertise my product on and at what time during the day. This is data, which is already been collected by other people; it refers to information that has previously been gathered by someone other than the researcher and/or for some other purpose than the research project at hand. Secondary analysis involves the use of existing data, collected for the purposes of a previous study, in order to follow a research interest, which is different from that of the original work; this may be a new research question or an alternative view on the original question. Secondary data comes in many forms such as: Internet Books Government statistics (CSO) Data collection businesses Internet Information on the Internet is not classed as secondary information; there are various websites on the Internet that can be accesses by any people. Search engines could be used to search for specific information. The Internet is a valuable and reliable source that could be used to obtain information as it is updated regularly. The disadvantage could also be the fact that some information or statistics could be made up to attract peoples attention to the site. There is a lot of information on the internet that would need to be looked into to meet your specified search. Books Finding information from books is a secondary source of information as the information is already available for you however they are easy to access and find information from. You are definitely to find information in a book around a subject you are researching, which is why using books is a valuable source. Although you may find relevant information to your subject the information could be out of date or inaccurate or not validated. Government statistics Government prepares statistics and the Central Statistical Office (CSO) publishes both a monthly and annual analysis. These statistics are produced accurately and are a reliable source of information. Above are just some places where I can get secondary information. ...read more.

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