My Responses to the Films "Awakenings" and " Lorenzos Oil".

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Marie Amanda Frances E. Cruel                                                                     111021

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Awakenings/ Lorenzo’s Oil

        Since I started university in the Ateneo two years ago, I’ve heard many things about the subject Physiological Psychology from friends in older batches. They warned me all about the difficulty of the course but told me the really fun things we would experience in class, like donating blood and watching Dr. Cuenca demonstrate the action potential through body gestures (“action potential, action potential, sliiiiiiiide!”). However, no one ever told me that we would watch two movies that would have enough power to really move me but at the same time help me see how the lessons taken up in class can be realistically applied in life. In this paper, I will reflect on the things I’ve learned through the two movies regarding life and the power of the spirit.

The two movies applied the lessons discussed in class in real life. Both movies drove me to the realization that the things I learn in this class are not merely a boundless amount of terms and definitions to memorize or color coded illustrations presented on an overhead projector that are meaningless. The structures we learn about in class are indeed real, and I know this because they exist inside me. These structures function around the clock, yet I never really notice so. I never notice these, yet they are what sustain and regulate my body’s operation so I am able to function properly in life.

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Through these movies, I realized that I take my health for granted. In this life, each person is handed a unique set of cards. I was given a fair set of cards; I am healthy without any disorder. I may not be as tall or fair skinned as I hoped I would turn out when I was younger, but I am perfectly normal health-wise, physically and mentally. However, I cannot say the same for some others.

Through nature and/or nurture, others end up with not so great cards that affect not only the health of the person but also deter ...

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