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Our aim was to not only create a website enabling people to research science fiction, but also to help us to understand science fiction more as we are studying it for our exams.

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Practical Production Evaluative Commentary Planning Our aim was to not only create a website enabling people to research science fiction, but also to help us to understand science fiction more as we are studying it for our exams. We have aimed our website particularly at males who are 15-30 years of age. We chose males since our research has shown that they are more interested in science fiction, than females; an interest which is maintained as they grow older. We first mapped out the foundation of our website. For example: what was going to be on the website; what the main theme was and how many pages we were going to have. We decided what to include on each page. Then the research that we undertook was to analyse different websites. Initially we studied a range of general websites that we found through a search engine to see how our website should be laid out and what extra accessories could be added to make it more interesting and enjoyable. ...read more.


The set up of the page was kept colourful, yet formal, by not having the hyperlinks and pictures all over the page. It would therefore appeal to the younger and older generations of our audience. We also targeted the audience by adding more features to our website like voting and a guest book so they feel welcome and give feed back on what they thought of our website. Evaluation The strengths and weaknesses of our production are fairly clear. Some of the strengths are that it appeals to a wide range of audiences which means that more people are attracted to our website and it would be popular. Another strength would be the different kinds of features that make up our website, from the different types of flash buttons to the backgrounds, wallpapers and pictures. The weaknesses of our website include the appearance of the homepage; it looks too cluttered at the top then too empty at the bottom. The colours don't match especially with the different coloured buttons. ...read more.


The older generation of our audience also thought the site was very effective. Some proposed improvements were that we needed to take more care when writing the movie reviews since there was a lot of spelling mistakes. Also that some of the other pages seemed empty with only a few links on them. It was proposed we should have either not made a links page for the pictures page or made more links and pictures. Another improvement suggested that we should have made our website even more formal if we wanted to aim at a wider range of 25 year olds upward, by not having the colourful buttons or backgrounds but having them black and white. I feel I learnt that we needed to have deadlines between ourselves to get certain things finished and then move on to the next thing instead of going back and finishing off pictures or reviews. You need to have people in your group that you can rely on to have work finished and handed in. Appendix 1. Google - Search Engine 2. Science Fiction Websites- * Sci-fi.com * Sciencefic.com * Science Fiction Movie Reviews Pages * Science Fiction Picture Pages 3. Ask- Search Engine 4. Lycos- Search Engine ...read more.

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