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Power leisure is a small warehouse based retail seller of fun on road and off road leisure equipment

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Introduction 'Marketing is the function that links the company and the customer to get the right product to the right place at the right time'. (www.tutor2u.net/business/marketing) while identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer wants and needs. Power leisure is a small warehouse based retail seller of fun on road and off road leisure equipment such as dirtbikes, mini motos, and quadbikes. It imports its products from china enabling it to undercut UK and American made product prices even at the small level of import quantity. Due to the fact that these are leisure products the higher priced goods relate heavily to the economic cycle and experience sales increases in a buoyant economy. The other products have seasonal booms in sales around Christmas periods and holidays. Due to the high price of a retail outlet on a main high street power leisure is situated in a small commercial unit located in an industrial estate 15 minutes away from the town centre in Hove. Because of its location power leisure will have to rely on local publications, mail shots, and possibly local radio advertisement to increase awareness of its location and its mission statement of high quality with lowest prices. The objectives of the business are to be recognised as a supplier of these goods at the lowest prices in that area. To be known to trade customers who will purchase multiple units, to increase brand awareness, to survive its first year of business and due to the predicted high sales turn over to break even within eight months. Marketing aims We think that initially we shall plan to start by advertising in the local trade magazines Friday AD which has a high circulation of the target market ...read more.


Range of products: ________________________________________________ 4. Target market:____________________________________________________ 5. Average annual turnover: ___________________________________________ 6. Types of advertising used: __________________________________________ One close competitor to Power Leisure is Quad World which is based in the town centre in Brighton; it sells the same types of product but at higher prices and is targeting a similar market. Although they have a very high annual turnover averaging around �600,000 its costs are much higher than that of Power Leisure, Their main advertising media is simply shop window displays and advertisements in local papers. Another competitor is Best Bikes which is on the outskirts of town selling similar bikes but with a small variety of products and a similar target audience and a smaller annual turnover. To advertise their products they mainly use flyers and leaflets plus shop window displays. For Quad World to be on the centre of town it means they are open to a lot more potential customers who are already shopping and in a buying mood and links to the same target market as Power Leisure targeting anyone who could essentially afford a Playstation could afford one of the bikes however being based in the centre of town the rent costs are much higher requiring a much higher turnover to make the same profit. As these products are not bought on a daily basis by most people as long as Power Leisure's marketing gets good product awareness people will be willing to travel to an out of town area. There are two possible circumstances to having my business located near another selling similar products, it may increase the awareness of my shop and provide an alternative for people looking to purchase these leisure goods or the shop which has already been established in the area and posses more customer loyalty will simply out sell Power Leisure's goods. ...read more.


if the customer has simply out grown the bike, and the customer can also be reassured with a 6 month guarantee so that if the product goes wrong in the few months after being purchased they can take it back to the shop and get it repaired with no additional charge to themselves. This will also provide a cheaper alternative for other potential customers who cannot afford the first hand bikes. As the shop opens in December it should definitely have the largest sales during this time up to Christmas so a Christmas price reduction could be introduced to encourage the consumers to buy as Christmas presents and then become regular customers when the prices go up after Christmas. The shop could afford the reduction in price as sales would be unusually high. To attract further more customers on the open day I will have 2 more types of presentation. By getting a reasonably famous dirt bike rider who is being sponsored by the shop to come to the shop on the opening day which would be free as he is obliged to do so as part of his sponsorship deal. This will hopefully attract the public, increase awareness and help the image of my store. But to be fair most motor sport racers aren't that well known but the main idea of him being present and the 2nd presentation of the opening would be a demonstration by him to show how the bikes should be used and to push the bikes to their maximum limits to try to impress a crowd there and hopefully encourage customers to buy, also allowing test runs for the public on the opening day will increase the chances of sales. ...read more.

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