Pre production report write up.

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This is the pre-production report for a screenplay I wrote about a crime genre series called ‘Murder in Morton’. It is for AS media studies and received a grade B.

Pre-Production Report

        In this piece of coursework the task was to write/draw the opening sequence of the first episode of a new crime series. I wanted my series to be a light-hearted crime series because there aren’t that many of them, but I would still have it scheduled for after the watershed because of the crime content and because that is when it would get the most viewers. The target audience for the series would probably be young adults (20-25) because it is shown on channel 4 and people of that age watch that channel, and that is about the same age as the main character so they will be able to relate with him. I thought the title ‘Murder in Morton’ would be appropriate because it uses alliteration although I am aware that it isn’t very original, so in my re-draft I may change it. The main character is a young maverick and he will be able to provide humour for the audience so I thought it appropriate for Noel Fielding to play him as he is known as a comedian and hasn’t done any previous acting work apart from his comedy show so he isn’t a very well known face.

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        The series is set in the countryside so the link can be made with the city cop and the countryside cop. The main locations featured are the police station and outside at the crime scene or at the houses of people being questioned which is common for police dramas. I am not using ‘big’ stars for the series, because it will have low production values as it isn’t set in the big city and it isn’t slick, but saying this it still doesn’t have a ‘gritty’ feel to it. I have already mentioned that it will be shown after the ...

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