Professional Campaigns

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Professional Campaigns

2.2.1 - How professional advertising agencies can contribute to the success of a marketing campaign

Professional advertising agencies can contribute to the success of a marketing campaign in many ways.

If a new company is just starting out and wish to make the most of their money for advertising, then it is probably best for them to hire someone from an advertising agency to help them along the way, as they know they are doing, and know how to use their money to their advantage.

Professional advertising agencies know what they are doing. It is their job to help companies to have a successful marketing campaign. The agencies can guide the company in the right direction to help them advertise to the best of their abilities. They can give expert advice to the company and guide them in the right direction, so that at the end of it they can have a successful campaign. They are able to help the business by creating the catchy slogan, one which people will remember, and remember the company that had it. Businesses using professional advertising agencies would probably result in a more successful campaign.

Businesses which have been around for a while, and have already made a name for themselves, who know what there doing and who there target audience is etc, then they might try to design the advertisements themselves, which would save them a bit of money, but they may not be making the most of their budget.

It is not just new companies who may decide to use an advertising agent. Businesses already established could hire an advertising agent who could design their promotional campaign which may not save them money, but it would also save them time if they were under pressure. By hiring an advertising agent, the business can concentrate on things more focal to the business itself, and think about how to improve it.

Advertising agents can offer a business all their knowledge and advice to help the company get a successful campaign. Agents can carry out market research for the business to get more insight into the campaign. They have specialist skills, they know about the public and what the public want to see in advertisements. The advertising agents can do the account management for the company, such as looking after the advertising budget, because they know how far they can stretch it to have at the end of it, the most successful campaign.
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Overall professional advertising agencies can contribute to the success of a marketing campaign in their own ways. They are able to help the business along the way, guiding them down the right paths to create their successful campaign.

2.2.2 - How the selection and use of media contributes to a successful campaign

There are many different types of media that companies can use to have a successful campaign for advertising certain products.

Some of these mediums used for advertising can be:

* Television

* Radio

* Internet - Websites/Emails/Pop-Ups

* Direct ...

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