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Promotions & Advertising

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Promotions & Advertising The purpose of promotion is to communicate directly with potential or existing customers, in order to encourage them to buy the product and recommend it to others. The promotional mix involves different forms of promotions. There are: * Personal selling * Public Relations * Sales promotion * Direct Marketing * Trade Fairs and Exhibitions * Sponsorship * Advertising * Personal selling It is a form of promotion which involves direct contact between the Lanc�me's sales representatives and prospective customers. Normally it can be seen on the street or in centres. Advantages * It is easier to persuade customers to buy the product * The selling person may know what the feeling/reaction of the customers is * It is clear to let customers know everything about the product such as functions, where it made and background etc Disadvantages * If the selling person is not adroit in the conservation, customers may be unhappy and go away * Customers may not have time to listen to the selling person's introduction of the product * Public Relations Public relations is all about publicising and promoting a positive image of Lanc�me organisation's achievements with a view to influencing customers to buy products. Major retailers spend a great deal on public relations to promote a responsible, caring and high-quality image. Other companies carry out public relations to: * Increasing understanding of the company, its scope and products * Bring the company and its products to the attention of a wider audience * Generate more business and profits * Sales promotion A sales promotion is an attempt to communicate with our customers and encourage them to purchase or stock the product as well as to recommend it to other people. Consumer promotions are used to encourage potential consumers to try a product and, hopefully, to purchase it again. These may involve free samples of the product, discount coupons or voucher, free gifts, buy one get one free, etc. ...read more.


They are sold on 'spot' basis. Peak audience time is different, however, with radio at breakfast period and evening rush hour has its largest audiences. From this I know that it's best if I advertise my adverts in the morning and evening rush hours as this will be the time when most people listening to radio. Posters Point of sale (POS) advertising includes posters for the shop window, complete window displays for the advertiser's products, 'open' and 'closed' notices for the door with a product name on them, and the various other small advertising items that you see in shops. These are sometimes part of a short-term advertising campaign, but more often they are used to keep an advertiser's name in the minds of shoppers. Newspapers and magazines There are a variety of newspapers and magazines to choose from and they are all targeted to different readers. E.g. I would want to advertise on Glamour magazine since my product is mainly aimed at young woman. And because my product is not aimed at man so men properly would not like to read woman magazine 'Glamour'. Generally In 2003, over �17,000 million was spent on advertising in Britain. 76 per cent of this was spent on display advertising of goods and services in the press, on television, radio, posters, direct mail, cinema and the internet. The remaining 24 per cent bought classified advertising (small ads), financial and legal notices, company announcements, recruitment advertising (job ads) and advertising in the business and professional press. Companies also spend substantial sums on other forms of communication but statistics are not always available such as exhibitions, sponsorship, sales promotion, mail order and other forms of activity. This is where the money was spent: DISPLAY ADVERTISING �M (2003) CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING �M (2003) Television 4374 - National Newspapers 1432 470 Regional Newspapers 949 2037 Consumer Magazines 622 162 Business and Professional Journals 588 460 Directories (Including Yellow Pages) ...read more.


Lanc�me promotion Timeline Below are promotions which are made for Lanc�me perfumes from 1935 to 1988 1935 1940 1945 1947 1949 1950 1951 1968 1988 Recent promotions Recent promotions include January 2005- Beauty in French Riviera and new Lip-duo lipstick. Lanc�me will launch a 300 million dollar global advertising campaign this year. The ultra-glamorous and artistic new print campaign is designed to spark a personal connection with women through its exceptional macro-photography camera-work, eye-popping colors, clear and concise vocabulary, and products that showcase what they are and what they do. "Lanc�me is always evolving as a brand," states Edgar Huber, President of The Luxury Products Division, L'Oreal USA. "We know the importance of keeping our image fresh and as a leading luxury brand we have an obligation to continuously surprise, astonish and reinvent. This new campaign clearly conveys the current image of Lanc�me." The recent promotions are successful or not, we have to wait and see. But my new Juicy Tubes should be successful as it has already built its own reputations so it will be easier to influence the people to buy my products. Also from the secondary data it has been very useful to my marketing strategies as I would then know where to advertise and what's the best method for advertising my products. Recent Media Schedule Advertising for Lanc�me- February/March (2005) Item Publication On Sale Date SPRING COLOURS OK Glamour 26th January 13th January HYPN�SE Boots Health and Beauty Heat More Marie Claire Glamour 7th January 11th January 19th January 29th January 10th February Makeup Skincare Item Publication On Sale Date AQUA FUSION Company Instyle Glamour More 3rd January 4th January 13th January 19th January OPTIMUM Marie Claire New Woman Eve OK Cosmopolitan Hello Instyle Marie Claire Eve New Woman Cosmopolitan 1st January 6th January 7th January 12th January 13th January 21st January 27th January 29th January 2nd February 3rd February 14th Febraury RESOLUTION She Vanity Fair Vogue Harpers and Queen Good Housekeeping 3rd February 6th February 7th February 10th February 10th February ?? ?? ?? ?? Lily Li Unit-3 AVCE Business 1 Lanc�me project ...read more.

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