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AS and A Level: Radio

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the BBC?

    3 star(s)

    from being effected by other cutlers, in the new world which become small village the UK society still try to protect special BBC can produce programs goes with the government needs & look & in the same time keep the UK values safe form another societies effects. 2-keep it's famous, trusts and respectability Company like BBC trusted label & brand Have a height level image to keep away from destroyed, producing it is own program will help BBC not only to keep that image in the same level but also increase it famous.

    • Word count: 3415
  2. Free essay


    Download of music in the form of incidental music, signature tunes or clips of up to two minutes duration within speech based programmes with a specifically musical theme is permitted .This may include video related to output created for BBC broadcast, but should not include the commercial purchase of unrelated video rights. BBC Asian Network programmes exhibit all of the following characteristics: high quality, original, challenging, innovative and engaging, and it should nurture UK talent. BBC Asian Network should deliver its remit through an approximately 50:50 split of music and speech, with the precise balance varying over the course of the week.

    • Word count: 1804
  3. Sample Radio script

    D X MIC 4'' Yes this is SMOOTH FM , Good morning people! 6 Speech J. Anthony X MIC 5'' This is Lady D and J.Anthony, How you feeling this morning? 7 Speech Lady. D X MIC 6'' Gotta' big up my boys Flow Dan and Iyare holding up the Smooth Fm airways this morning from 6 till 9 8 Speech J. Anthony X MIC 30 SECONDS Yep! Flow Dan and Iyare doing their fizzle fazzle! 9 Sample: sirens X Comp 3'' 10 Speech J.

    • Word count: 786
  4. War Of The Worlds

    The last remaining human is outnumbered by the infected he tries to find a cure. The War Of The Worlds (Independently Produced) The war of the worlds was broadcasted on October 30th 1938 as a special Halloween drama but no one knew. The first half hour of the drama was set as if it was a news bulletin saying Martians invasion. The drama started off with a normal classical music program when the show was interrupted with a special bulletin making the drama already seem real.

    • Word count: 1155
  5. 7. Assess the role of the mass media in Britain during the inter-war period

    The most distinctive aspect of the development of the BBC was the appointment of John Reith as its Managing Director. Reith envisaged an independent broadcaster which would be able to, "educate, inform and entertain the whole nation, free from political interference and political pressure." (BBC, 2003). This vision was made possible by the invention of the Post Office licence fee, of which half went to the BBC to ensure that it was not dependant financially on either the Government or advertising.

    • Word count: 2151
  6. Radio One Case

    The external environment includes regulatory issues, social issues, economic concerns, technology, and competitiveness and growth-potential within the industry. Particularly significant for radio broadcasters was the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which changed the rules for station ownership and has already resulted in a wave of consolidations-mergers and acquisitions among some of the major players. "In 1995, the year before the historic Telecommunications Act was passed, 73 mergers and acquisitions came down, with an aggregate value of $1.2 billion [...] Two years later, some 177 deals ensued, valued at $14.7 billion.

    • Word count: 2400
  7. Discuss examples of successful campaigns produced by big advertising agencies.

    Halifax worker, Howard Brown is the regular star of the adverts. Following the merger with the Bank of Scotland, this practice has continued, with the Bank of Scotland also allowing its staff to take part. These adverts were made by a company called Roberts & Robertson, and it became very successful for them. * Sainsbury's is another company that has done well out of a recent campaign to promote them selves. Sainsbury's did this with their "Try something new today" campaign.

    • Word count: 1042
  8. Media Radio News Analysis

    Radio 1 The main news on Radio 1 lasts for approximately 11 minutes. During this they cram in all the news stories. This could include major issues: abortion issues; identity theft; fraud; murder; and rioting in Paris. The readers have lively voices and a basic, rather fundamental vocabulary. Music is constantly being played in the background. This is intended to make it seem quick and snappy. Topics are nearly always three way conversations that consist of the presenter, the reporter of the story and the witness. Each story normally lasts 2 minutes. It could be said that Radio 1 news is similar to a newspaper like the Sun, where the stories are often true, but are greatly overstated and dramatised to make them seem more appealing than they actually are.

    • Word count: 766
  9. radio station analysis

    BBC Radio One. 97-99FM The target audience of Radio One is 18-24 year olds. This is very apparent in all the shows on the station. Radio One also has a strong student following which is especially recognisable in the afternoons on Scott Mills show. He has a very interactive audience with phone ins and competitions geared towards that sort of person. He will often discuss evenings with the listener where he has performed at their university or college. I think there are exceptions to their target audience in the morning during Chris Moyles' and Jo whiley's shows.

    • Word count: 3143
  10. Media Industries Report

    funds because they own some of the channels available on their packages (such as SKY One, Sky Sports 1, Sky News, etc.) Sky offers a wider range of packages for customers, so they get more choice in what they are paying for. For example if they don't want the sports channels, then they would pick the package that doesn't have them in, so it would be saving them money, and gives them more control as to what they want. Sky also offer Pay Per View Channels such as Sky Box Office, PremPlus, Sentanta Sports, which gives them another way of bringing money in by offering certain sports events, or newer movies on these channels.

    • Word count: 1410
  11. the lisbon agenda UK Response to enhancing skills is insufficient

    and why its lacking in meeting the fundamental principle of the programme brought, complying together with the National Reform Programme which came about to reform, review and evaluate the current policies to make UK more productive in the labour market and to the current economy to also make individuals less dependant upon the welfare state. New Deal was launched in 1998 to help people especially the youth to acquire the necessary skills, training and education (basic literacy and numeracy skills)

    • Word count: 1987
  12. Entertainment (History)

    Which the BBC accomplished, it broadcast all over the U.K and was able to entertain and inform those in their own home, which brought families together. Though the radio had its rivals such as newspapers, and magazines it managed to overcome this by reaching out to all types of the public for example male, female, all classes, the educated and the illiterate. It became even more popular when the new wireless sets were invented; this was a great delight to all homes in Britain, it was very accessible in letting families enjoy listening to the radio.

    • Word count: 1237
  13. No Promises in the Wind

    Convenience played a major part in the popularity growth of radios. Radio was the most important new form of entertainment in the first half of the twentieth century. In 1930, almost fifteen million families owned a radio and that number had doubled by 1940. Some of the most listened to programming was the variety shows and comedic sitcoms. Amos 'n' Andy, a popular radio sitcom, starred Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. These actors were former vaudeville performers. During the harsh times the nation was facing, even a 15 minute show could bring comic relief to the American population.

    • Word count: 814
  14. Radio One

    Radio One, Inc. was the first in the radio industry to primarily target African-American and urban listeners. Its strategy was to expand within existing markets and into new markets that had a significant African-American presence by acquiring and turning around under performing radio stations. The belief was that radio broadcasting primarily targeting African-Americans had significant growth potential and also that there was a competitive advantage in the African-American market and the radio industry in general, due to Radio One's primary focus on urban formats, skill in programming and marketing these formats, and turnaround expertise..

    • Word count: 286
  15. To what extent was the political independence of the BBC threatened by the Conservative governments of the 1980's?

    Unfortunately for Mrs. Thatcher the inquiry found that the BBC did not need advertising. In response to this and other incidents the government placed the license fee on inflation meaning at he very least the BBC could not expand but with a reality of injuring the organization which had had 'costs out of control' since 1982 to the tune of �15 million. The BBC was controlled by the funding it had from the public, in turn controlled by the government who did not like its programming and opposed it ideologically in the first place.

    • Word count: 753
  16. Describe popular culture in Britain at the beginning of the 1960's (1960 - 1965) There was a vast change in popular culture from the 1950's to the 1960's. The changes

    At the beginning of the 1960's there were only a few signs of the major developments that were to take place in Britain. Fashion in the 1960's became more short skirts and straight dresses, showing off the women's figures. This change in fashion became unacceptable by the older generations of the 1960's. One of the most important people in the changes that took place in the sixties was Mary Quant. At the time, fashion required women to force themselves into corsets, or girdles, in order to achieve a particular shape.

    • Word count: 2152
  17. Scriptwriting for radio is considered to be harder than scriptwriting for film and TV as the writers cannot use sight and must portray the story through sound and dialogue.

    start with the same letter, it does not matter as they are short and are joining words which are spoken so fast it does not matter that they are there. The example I have just written is the example of using alliteration to slow down speech if you can also use it to point out particular words and to make a point. 1.2Onomatopoeia: Onomatopoeia is used to replace sounds with words, where words are used instead of sounds like instead of a bee buzzing they would say buzz instead of a buzzing sound they use this in radio to either make a joke or to make you understand the sound that they are hearing.

    • Word count: 831
  18. Government responsibility for broadcasting and creative industries in the UK lies with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.The Office for Communications Act 2003

    Ofcom took over responsibilities from the former Independent Television Commission, Radio Authority, Oftel, Radio Communications Agency and Broadcasting Standards Commission. * The BBC is run in the interests of its viewers and listeners.

    • Word count: 314
  19. Sir John Reith was the first Director General of the BBC, and he had particularly strong views on broadcasting as

    In 1927, the company became the British Broadcasting Corporation, and Reith was knighted in the same year. Nine years later, in 1936, the BBC began its television service. According to Gorman and McLean, '(the BBC's) approach to television was heavily influenced by John Reith's definition of broadcasting as a public service - by the idea that broadcasting has a cultural and educative role and is not merely a means of entertainment' (2003). The idea of the BBC as a public service meant that the provision should be public goods rather than a private commodity (Curran, 2000).

    • Word count: 2254
  20. The formation and development of BBC radio

    Disadvantages: A- losing the chance for the production choice: Production choice was the end of the era of create free protection and it change the movement between the producer and the administration because of the weak of BBC, this political include the production from learning a new skills and the manager is the demander, but if BBC stops the successful project and return back to its old way, it will be out of would media competition, that because more the %80 of it programs become from out side and this will lead BBC to loss the external experts knowledge's.

    • Word count: 3081
  21. Look at the sources - Were the Beatles were the most popular group in Britain?

    The source also suggests that the fans acted normal around them as the Beatles understood them and didn't run away or get scared of their fans like other stars around that time did. Source C was written by Sir Paul McCartney who was a member of the Beatles, so it was written first hand and from experience. However it was written twenty years after so he may have forgotten details of what the fans were actually like, he may have just remembered the good bits.

    • Word count: 2328

    The competitors of the BBC have also ventured into the digital television revolution. ITV 2, ITV News, E4, Film Four, Film 4 World and Film 4 Extreme all stepped into the digital limelight before or at the same time as the BBC's digital channels. The BBC should be wary of the way in which its arch rival, ITV, through away its first and probably only attempt to launch its own box. On digital/ITV digital paid over the odds for football coverage and then failed to attract enough subscribers to warrant it. They proceeded to own the football clubs they were supposed to bankroll millions of pounds.

    • Word count: 940
  23. Talk Shows.

    However this is a reason why talk shows remain so popular. As Mittell himself writes, the viewer of talk shows wants to feel a sense of cultural, intellectual and social superiority (reader). He believes the viewer gains pleasure from these kind of shows because they are made to feel better then those on the programme. The viewer feels better in their own lives, for the reason that they feel theirs is much better then those on the programme. The viewers are in a position of power, morally judging those they see on the show.

    • Word count: 831
  24. Technical Developments of the 40's & 50's

    It offered editing of performances, portability, and better audio quality and was significally cheaper than the existing technologies. In the USA a company that made Scotch tape called 3M improved the abilities of magnetic tape, allowing recording speeds of 30 ips to be brought down to 15 ips and 71/2 ips with little quality loss but significantly longer recording times. In 1948 Bell laboratories introduced the Transistor to America. Transistor technology could do everything the Vacuum tube at a reduced cost. It required less power, was smaller in size and more durable. Soon the recording studio became portable and could easily be torn down and set-up if the need arisen.

    • Word count: 770

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How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

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  • To what extent was the political independence of the BBC threatened by the Conservative governments of the 1980's?

    "In conclusion while the BBC certainly had its political independence threatened by governments of the 1980's, this suppression rarely lasted long, caused out cry and was resurgent. The latter alone means one could say the BBC's political independence was not truly threatened because people at the core of the BBC such as Milne continued to affront this suppression. However, symbolic of the fall of this opposition was the true loss to the independence of the organization the loss of Milne in 1987, 'the last true director general of the BBC', then board members and the new director general gained more confidence in their actions at the very end of the 1980's. This is Marxist as the dominant conservative ideology, traditionally held by elites as well, influenced working class people through the new conservative BBC eventually."

  • To what extent was the BBC in the 1920s the personal creation of John Reith?

    "In conclusion, it is apparent that a variety of factors shaped the early development of the BBC in the 1920s. Although Reith was very influential on the BBC, namely through shaping its course of programming and its function according to his own values, and through guiding it through a major crisis, to enhance its status and credibility, the BBC cannot be seen as his personal creation. This is because there were a number of social and political factors which also shaped the BBC, and in some cases, combined with Reith's ideas to help them work, or provided Reith with the opportunity to exploit them to aid the corporation's development."

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