Robbie the Reindeer - Evaluation of the scene in the woods.

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Robbie the Reindeer. The scene in the woods. We have been looking at the animation ‘Robbie the Reindeer’. This is an evaluation of the scene when Robbie and Blitzern are fighting in the hover car in the woods.         The scene starts off with Robbie on a rocket chasing after the evil Blitzern who is getting away on a hover car. The animators show movement with the trees rushing by. The camera angle change from low shots of Robbie on the rocket to fast panning shots of Robbie flying past on the rocket. There are SFX of the wind rushing by and the rocket and the cars engines.
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The music is getting louder and louder to build tension. The music is quite fast and has a definite beat so that we can feel the tension. The strong beat could represent the tension before an army goes into battle or even the racing heartbeat of Robbie and Blitzern. Another good thing that I noticed was that the Reindeers ears even flapped in the wind. The fight starts and there is a struggle. Blitzern has Robbie down and says, ‘ Now is when you die’. Just as he says this we see Donner, Robbie's girlfriend’ in the background. She has ...

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