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Schindler's List - Journal Entry

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Schindler's List - Journal Entry The movie schindlers list had a couple of aspects that helped me understand Night. A lot of the book Night sort of reoccurs in the movie. At the start when the Jews were taken into the Ghettos although in Schindlers list it reminded me of the book except that I think in the book the setup of the ghettos was different, Elie didn't mention that there was a certain date that they had to be in the ghettos by. I just imagined the ghettos differently when I was reading Night then to how it was shown in the movie. The movie also showed me why a lot of the Jews weren't able to escape when the officers came to the ghettos. ...read more.


One of the most powerful scenes was towards the end when Oskar Schindler was making his speech to the Jews after he had finished and they handed him a gold ring made out of gold teeth, how he started crying saying that he should have saved more then he did save. I think that that scene is amazing. You can really feel the deepness of what he is feeling. When "Schindlers" Jews gave him the ring that also was powerful, giving Schindler everything they had as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. Another powerful scene is when we see the little girl in the red dress. Her part was like a before and after, at first we see her as young, innocent and alone, then later she is dead and being taken to the crematory to be burnt. ...read more.


After the girl comes and asks him to get her parents from the camps he is really angry then he gets over it and it transforms him into a caring person and from there his mission to save the Jews begins. That is the reason this scene is important, because it is the turning point for Schindler. I never new that the children were taken away from their mother like they were in the movie, while in their mothers were in selection the children were taken away on trucks, probably never to be returned. Also the gas chamber and showers that looked the same was something that I didn't know had been part of the camps I just knew there were gas chambers so that is very tormenting not to know whether in a few minutes you will be dead or clean, Layal Allaf 1 ...read more.

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