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Shirley Tran's Professional/Personal Website Planning Report.

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Shirley Tran's Professional/Personal Website Planning Report Submitted to Prof. David K. Farkas Prepared by Shirley Tran February 15, 2002 Statement of Purpose The purpose of my professional/personal website is to inform employers and the general audience about my skills, capabilities, and lifestyle. Upon visiting the site, viewers will know about my work experience, coursework, and personal achievements. My email address is posted on the site so viewers have a way to contact me for further information about my work. My intended audiences are employers and students in the states; therefore, the website is in the English language. Through creating this website, I hope to obtain a job or at least be exposed to potential employers. I also will be at the same competitive level as my peers (for a lot of them already have their own professional site). On the personal level, viewers will catch a glimpse of my lifestyle and to begin to know who I am, and what I stand for. Audience Analysis The majority of the viewers will be young adults to adults. Middle school students up to college students may just happen to surf unto my website or be told about it by word of mouth. Through contacting employers for job opportunities, employers may visit my site to obtain more information about my work experience and education. ...read more.


My technical communication classes have also taught me how to provide information to meet audiences' needs. Segmenting and Prioritizing Audiences The two distinct audiences are the employers and the general audience. The viewer will know what scent to follow based on the links that are located on my home page. For instance, the general audience will most likely visit the links like "Biography" and "Inspiration" while employers will most likely visit the links like "Resume" and "Sample work." Theme and Style The theme is "Get to know Shirley better- professionally and personally through her website." The theme includes all aspect of my life-my professional, personal, and spiritual life. Because my website includes different types of audiences, I used a neutral color for my home page My personal pages have more color variation than my professional pages; however, the colors I use are light and not flashy or too distracting because employers may visit my personal pages as well. The professional pages have white background to project a serious and formal tone. Comparison with Similar Websites Many student websites display information that I would choose to display (e.g., personal and academic information). Some student websites are more personal than others, while some are more professional than others. Every student had a unique design for his/her website and the design for my website will be unique as well. ...read more.


My worry is that my website lacks special features like Flash or Fireworks that other students may have on their website. Currently, I do not know how to use that type of software. My website doesn't require animation, so I think the content that I have on my website is sufficient. However, through the class discussions about pertinent technical skills of TC majors, I realized that there are many skills I still need to develop in order to be competitive enough for the workforce. I plan on taking some tutorials or asking my friends for a crash course on the programs I'm still unfamiliar with. But realistically, I don't think I will be able to learn them in time for this project. Nevertheless, through time my website will look better and better through practice and experience. Equipment The hardware I will be using includes the computers in the TC lab and my home computer. I will also be using the Ultra Dev Dreamweaver to develop my website. Schedule I do not have a set time of when I work on the website, but I work on it as often as I can. I currently have the basics pages done but I still need to link them and add the graphics. I also need to use Photoshop to alter the pictures I scanned. I should have a testable prototype by the end of this week. Budget Public space is available for each UW student so there is no additional cost to me to create the website. ...read more.

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