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Speech: redefining the newspaper

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Speech Hello and welcome to the unveiling of our plans to redefine the term newspaper. Teenagers and young adults are bored of the typical newspapers talking about the same thing everyday for example Tony Blair and the House of Commons being front page news. We aim to introduce an exclusive style of tabloid newspaper that we hope will encourage the future generation to know what is going on in the world we live in. To make this newspaper more appealing we are adding a few ideas of layout and writing style of what we see in magazines. This will make it easier and more interesting to read. The 'boring' articles will have colour pictures beside or close to them to make them more interesting. The colour quality on the more interesting articles will not always be as bright as it could be; this is to cut production costs. Some images will also appear in black and white these will be images that are not necessarily as important and do not have to be there to back up the article it is next to. ...read more.


We will have a recipe page for students who do not have a clue how to cook. All the recipes will be cheap and easy to make. We will have a competitions page to maintain interest and show readers we do not just want their money we want them to have the chance to get something in return for there dedication as a buyer of our paper. We will have entertainment pages which will include what's on the TV, on in concert halls and theatres across England. We will also publish where auditions are taking place for all the new talent on the scene. We will also write about local and national nightlife and the best clubs and bars to be seen in for our older readers. We will give advice about what to do in a club environment and how to keep safe from harmful actions and substances e.g. the date r**e pill. We will acknowledge the teenagers on drugs and alcohol, what affects they have upon us, how to overcome peer pressure, how to overcome your addiction and more. ...read more.


We will try our best to help find a home to suit everyone's needs. In comparison to other papers yes our price is high but our paper is out twice a week not daily so ends up cheaper. The sun - The mirror- In our newspaper we are representing what the youth of today want fashion music and main stories that will be part of history not every detail that is possible to know. They want to know the truth so why hide it from them. I'm not saying we are going to publish graphic details of a murder but we will tell them how they died in a appropriate manner and if we know why they died then they have the right to know just as much as any adult does. We are going to compete with other newspapers because we have realised that the youth is the future and they need guidance. We will provide them with the information they need to kick start there lives and go on to be successes. We hope to touch the lives of children and young adults. We will try to give them new opportunities which will hopefully steer them away from crime and life on the streets and in a positive direction. ...read more.

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