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Task2: how professional advertising agencies can contribute to the success of a marketing campaign

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Unit 3 task 2 By Anzal Ali Task2 A: How professional advertising agencies can contribute to the success of a marketing campaign. An advertising campaign is normally organised with the services of an advertising agency. The company employing the agency must provide clear guidelines on how the campaign should be developed. This is normally done in a campaign brief which contains the following sections. > The background of the purposed campaign. This will include comments about the market and the organisation's current objectives. Why there is need for some promotional activity, and how is it expected to contribute to the overall aims of the organisations. > The objective of the promotional activity. Along with any marketing aims it is designed to support. The objective should be clear and measurable, and given a time scale. > The target market These are the people the promotional activity is intended to influence. To build a customer profile all the detail about the consumer is required e.g. age, gender, income, ethnic background, where they live, interests and etc. whilst knowing about your market it is also important to keep an eye on the competition. > All the details about the product The agency should understand the process involved in the production method and identify the differences from the competitor's products, which give their product an USP (unique selling point). ...read more.


Source: www.google.com Functions of this advertising agency Graphic Design Market Research Marketing Communications Marketing Strategy Public Relations Web Design As you can see that both of these advertising agencies have different method of working but provide the similar service. This shows how adverting agencies are divided into many groups to make the marketing campaign a success. B: How the selection and use of media contributes to a successful campaign Advertising objectives can be classified according to whether their aim is to inform, persuade, remind or reinforce. Now I will explain briefly what these advertising objectives mean. Informative advertising This type of advertising aims to create awareness and knowledge of the new product. Persuasive advertising This type of advertising aims to create fondness, preference and conviction that their target market will buy their product. Reminder advertising This advertising aims to stimulate the repeat purchase of products and services. Reinforcement advertising This type of advertising aims to convince current purchasers that they have made the right choice in buying their product. Before in choosing the correct media the Media Planning department have to consider the following variables, which are the targeted audience, product characteristics, message characteristics and cost. Listed below are the media variables: Types of media habits This talks about the most effective way in reaching the target market e.g. ...read more.


* More experience. * More labour. * Able promote the product in minimum time scale. * They do the work for you. The Drawbacks are: * It is more cost effective. * Advertising agencies usually deal only with accounts of a certain minimum size. * It could fail. * Risk. * Information leaking to other companies. Conclusion For this task I had to find out how professional advertising agencies can contribute to the success of a marketing campaign and the advantages and drawback of using a professional agency when promoting a product. Whilst carrying out this particular task I have learnt that advertising is one of the main element, which can be used to promote the product in a short term and also increase the brand awareness. I think advertising is a key to success, which can increase the amount of sales a company produces only if they know what they are doing and use the right type media I think that it would benefit Tesco from having a professional advertising agency because from this task I have learnt that there are more advantages in using a professional agency then drawbacks. Recommendations I think that it is important for Tesco to explore the market and select an advertising agency that will be able to effectively articulate Tesco's message and help them to promote their products, if they want to dominate the market that they are in. ...read more.

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