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AS and A Level: Television

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  1. Soap opera scheme of work.

    Older people will be able to watch Hollyoaks on Sunday because they might not be working on a Sunday. It's on at 12:00 so they will be able to watch it if they what to. There is a range of characters in Hollyoaks young school kids, young women and some old people. Old and young people watch Eastenders because most people would of come home work, young people would of come home from school so all ages could watch it. Eastenders starts at 8:00 and sometimes at 7:30 so old and young people have time to watch it. It is also on, on Sunday.

    • Word count: 661
  2. "Analyse the techniques used to create tension and viewerenjoyment in 'who wants to be a millionaire?'".

    and they were already rich! Quiz shows are popular with people because the viewers like to play along but not actually be there in the spotlight. If the viewer at home gets the question wrong, they can guess again, you can't on the show, you lose money. We also like to watch it to see the embarrassing things the contestants do or say. By watching someone else be humiliated we selfishly feel better about ourselves, happy it wasn't us in the view of millions of viewers.

    • Word count: 2757
  3. Media Studies - Soap Opera.

    So typically soaps normally use these kinds of subjects to keep viewers interested. There are stereotypes in our soap there are teenagers people taking drugs and teenagers stealing money from shops. Our soap opera would appeal to people of all types and ages because everyone can relate to the issues or understand the subjects in the soap. During the time the viewers are watching the soap opera they may feel that they are part of the programme or part of the subject involved by the way the cameras positioning of the shot in place it can make the audience feel part of the show.

    • Word count: 879
  4. Television Presents Religious People As Out of Touch With the Modern World.

    The soap does this by presenting Dot as a person who always does things by the bible. When Dot makes a decision she will refer to a chapter of the bible to explain her actions. Dot also never uses modern day technology, nor is she into any modern day music, and also wears old fashioned clothes. Dot says she relies on faith to keep her going as her grandson was always getting into trouble and died at a young age. Another television character who is presented as out of touch in the modern world is a character called Ned Flanders who is a character in an animated programme called 'The Simpsons'.

    • Word count: 696
  5. "How does the Simpson's Satirize Television?"

    Why, we're more than a-" Bart: "Dad, you can stop now. The commercial's over. The show's back on." Homer: "Oh. Oh, yeah." We get the impression that the Simpsons will watch anything on T.V. but we always see the kids watching "The Krusty the Clown Show," and when it is appropriate to the plot, the news. Krusty the Clown works as a children's presenter who has managed to keep his job by manipulation of his young viewers, for example, when Krusty begins his show by greeting his viewers he goes on to shout in a voice of false enthusiasm "...and what would you do if I went off the air?"

    • Word count: 974
  6. Essay responding to "Television Addiction" by Marie Winn.

    Therefore, the lives of these people become as imbalanced and disordered as a drug addict's. She claims that the watching habit destroys our sense of time and, as a result, seriously weakens our relationships with the others. I strongly disagree with Winn on this point because I consider television as a wonderful tool for improving our communication skills. Furthermore, nowadays, television is one of the largest sources of information. First of all, television is one of the most important inventions of our time, which allows us to acquire a huge range of information.

    • Word count: 550
  7. To deal with the following issues : The conventions of a soap, the Genre, the target audiences, sound and editing as well as the camera objectives.

    The concept of the soap involves a teacher, a main student as a lead character and then other students are merely extras with exceptions to two other female students who will have a major role in the soap. My responsibility is to be a main actor as the Teacher and to ensure that the soap gets produced, thus I am a "quality assurancer" which means that the work produced is looked over by myself for quality and then passed onto Taio who happens to be the director to ensure that it is viewable and acceptable for evening time television viewing as well as creating the storyboard from the scripts.

    • Word count: 1440
  8. Does Matt Groening succeed in making his cartoon show appeal to such a wide audience? Discuss one particular episode of 'The Simpsons' in detail.

    The Simpsons, becoming such a success and accomplishment, has made its money for Fox TV, helping it to save Rupert Murdoch's massive multi national corporation, from bankruptcy when it was launched. Every episode of The Simpsons begins with a short two minute credit, in which the viewers are very cunningly told about each of the characters. The credits begin with blissful and godly music suggesting an angelic family and "The Simpsons" title coming towards the viewers from behind moving clouds.

    • Word count: 1026
  9. To what extent does television represent 'a window of the world?'

    Another argument is that television portrays life through different genres such as the news, documentaries and soap operas especially. An example of television being 'a window of the world' is the broadcasting of the Iraqi War as we saw pictures of what life was like in Iraq before and after the war. We also saw the statue of Saddam Hussein being torn down. During the war we were saturated with images of the war, which we have never seen before.

    • Word count: 849
  10. "Even though the primary purpose of satire is to create humour, there is always something deeply serious underneath" - Discuss the accuracy of this statement for the two texts you have chosen.

    The major technique used by the composer to ridicule reality television is hyperbole. Within the text, all regular aspects of reality television (in particular "Big Brother") have been taken to extreme proportions. This includes the overuse of s****l references within the text and the melodramatic events that happen within the house. These s****l references have been scattered throughout the text, much like those on reality television. However, these s****l references are taken to extreme proportions with the inmates coming very close to engaging within the act of s*x quite early within the show.

    • Word count: 2841
  11. Discuss the reasons for the success of the reality TV genre and the moral implications the genre raises.

    Humans in general are very nosy; reality TV has fulfilled that market niche. The UK press is obsessed with affairs, celebrities and the royal family. To the audience it seems reality TV is yet another pointless subject for the press to exploit. The British press is very powerful and influential on their readers, a conspiracy between the press and the reality TV shows has been a very important factor leading to the success of the genre. The genre is aimed at people aged 14-30, however there are older/younger viewers.

    • Word count: 1412
  12.  How does the director of "Friends" use the opening titles to promote a successful sitcom comedy and encourage the viewer to continue watching?

    The reason why people watch "Friends" is because it makes them laugh and you can release the stress you had through the day. Its funny it deals with every day situations that is one of the biggest reasons why people watch "Friends" so they can relate to the sitcom. The first thing you see is a black screen where with yellow writing says the one with which tells us what episode this is. It's in yellow handwriting so you can clearly see which episode that is.

    • Word count: 1300
  13. Analyze two scenes from a soap opera you are familiar with and show how they are typical of the genre.

    The story line in a soap gets has around 8-10 minutes to develop in one episode. 10 minutes is a reasonable amount as you can say a lot in 10 minutes. The scenes I will be concentrating on are from the two main soaps, One from Coronation Street and one from Eastenders. The two soaps are concentrating on two totally different story lines. Coronation Street is a serious one but the Eastenders story-line is more of a light hearted story-line. Coronation Street's story-line was a serious story-line as it was about a 16 year old girl named Katie Wilson collapsing at the local pub.

    • Word count: 1053
  14. 'Evaluate the extent to which the Simpsons follow the convention of a typical sitcom - Refer to a specific episode that you have watched to support your evaluation'.

    I will be analysing to what extent the simpsons follow the convention of a stereotypical sitcom. To support this , I will be referring in detail to the episode entitled: 'Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire'. A sitcom is a situation comedy lasting 30 minutes-humerous show, set in the same place, about a family. Sitcoms have changes over time as sitcoms of the past showed 'ideal' family. Eg: leave it to the beaver and the cosby show bothe showed nuclear family- mum, dad, son, daughter and baby.

    • Word count: 480
  15. Television. In some ways television can be a positive influence on our lives, however there are many more negative influences than positive associated with television.

    Supporters of television argue that a positive aspect of television is that it's entertaining. TV is entertaining and can keep young people safely at home. However staying in all the time encourages laziness. A large number of young people are obese; there are alarming statistics about lack of fitness among young people and the "Couch potato" syndrome. Young people are not only lazy in terms of fitness, television also affects the brain. Poor quality programmes encourage laziness in terms of brain activity because young people are like sponges soaking up whatever television throws at them, without actively using their brains.

    • Word count: 752
  16. Soap Operas.

    This is often to create a contrast between the lighthearted stories and the more serious one. All soaps are set in a small community or country, for example, "East Enders" is set in a London residential area whilst "Neighbours" is set in an Australian town or village. Furthermore, there is often a bar or caf´┐Ż where all the characters can meet, gossip and socialize. Usually, in most soap operas the same characters will be caste episode after episode and along with the community background, as the soap matures, a sense of history is created.

    • Word count: 1154
  17. Soap Operas.

    The soap opera usually relies on the viewer's previous knowledge of the facts to enjoy each program. Each episode always leaves plotlines hanging to be picked up in the next one. Characters can undergo change as well. They can grow older and even die, leaving pasts and memories they can rely on to enrich their characters. In a sense, soaps are not merely telling a story in segments, but each episode doles out a piece of the story in regular installments so that all the viewers are on the "same page" at the same time.

    • Word count: 2448
  18. How does the director of "Friends" use the opening titles to promote a successful situation comedy and encourage the viewer to continue watching?

    In the openings of the Friends there is dancing with umbrellas near fountain and in British sitcom 'Only fools and horses' there is old fashion music with photos shown so it is not so attractive than Friends to the viewers. In opening titles in Friends there information about characters by showing a short clip of them and in 'Only fools and horses' there is just a moving pictures of characters The theme song to 'Friends' is called 'I'll be there for you' by pop group 'The Rembrandts'.

    • Word count: 819
  19. Discuss the importance of realism in British soap opera.

    The Local pub is a place where gossip can be spread fast and enemies cannot avoid one another. Meaning a confrontation (a la Mike Baldwin and Ken Barlow) is inevitable - providing a worthwhile appearance in soap. A big part of the Soap Opera's popularity is realism, which is the dominant mode of representation in Television and Media. The term usually implies that the media text attempts to represent an external reality; Soaps are realistic because it is accurately reproduces the part and culture of the world its referring to. The uses of conventions aid this representation. A series of conventions is used to charm the audience into the world.

    • Word count: 1230
  20. "Themes and characters in television fiction reflect the society in which they are produced".

    Creating a community of people that we feel familiar and comfortable with allows the fiction to continue. It is not necessarily the fact that Steve Owen is a thief, a cheat and a liar and that Phil Mitchell has the capability of having him murdered that reflects our society, more that the tension and suspense created in the build up of such drama makes us feel included in the story and so we react as an audience that knows that driving a car at 60mph with a baby in the back will end in tears. We react with emotion, sympathy, compassion and pity for the characters as they deal with hardships and a never-ending search for 'normal' happiness.

    • Word count: 2699
  21. Rationale - how women are treated in soap operas.

    Therefore the way I will carry out my research is by using Meehan's study that was carried out in 1960s and 1970s on soap operas and how he categorised the women within the soaps into specific groups. I will carry out my research using a lot of primary resources. To investigate this concept I am going to look at the model, which is similar to the hypodermic syringe model. I am also going to use the feminist approach to try to explain some of the reasons as to why there are so many stereotypical views within soap operas towards women.

    • Word count: 1242
  22. History Of Soap Operas.

    These Australian soaps tended to be aimed at teenage viewers with characters and plots suitable for that age. British producers decided to follow suit, for example, the British soap Hollyoaks is aimed at young people. This change in the target audience proved to be a very clever move. Consequently, soaps are now more popular than ever. Conventions A soap opera always has the following conventions: * It is a serialised drama that usually runs all year and carry on doing this forever, so it's never ending. * It features continuous storylines dealing with domestic themes and personal or family relationships.

    • Word count: 1156
  23. Eastenders critical review.

    As the show is aimed mainly at women, they have a strong presence. This is shown through characters such as Pat, Peggy & Mo Slater, who are dominant females. Other characters such as Javine use their sexuality for power and to get what they want. The show also offers a few stereotypical characters, for example Phil Mitchell, a 'hard man' who gets what he wants, when he wants. There is also Little Mo, who is a stereotypical 'house wife' she is happy to sit at home and cook, while Billy goes off to work.

    • Word count: 653
  24. Analyse 'FRIENDS' taking into consideration, stereotyping, representation, audience and the sitcom genre.

    This is evidence on how comedy is created, showing things that we would never do or even dream of doing, but we can see the consequences straight from our black box in the lounge. Rachel is the sexy one. She is fashion conscious, always wears nice clothes. She's really sensitive, cries really easily and always forgetful. She went to high school with Monica. Rachel was about to marry her boyfriend Barry but dumped him at the altar. This perhaps is stereotyping that a young beautiful girls should maybe have more boyfriends before they got married, having a bit of fun.

    • Word count: 2539
  25. Television show volume vs. commercial volume.

    One scale, the dBFS, uses zero as the highest sound that can be reached. The dB stands for decibel and the FS stands for full scale. The dBFS uses negatives to describe sound. The farther away a sound from zero in negatives, the lower the sound is. For example, if a sound was hard to hear, it would be somewhere around -25. If a sound was very loud, it would be -0.2 (Sizes, 2000). Reducing the peak-to-average ratio of audio increases loudness. If the peak-to-average ration is reduced, the average level can be increased.

    • Word count: 1263

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