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AS and A Level: Television

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  1. 'Cathy Comes Home' - How far do the portrayals of the officials as heartless and the 'likeable' main characters make this documentary biased and propagandist?

    Quick shots of the town's people notifies the viewer that this is a working class area with a range of average citizens. So the documentary will most likely be in relation to this type of people. The positive image of Cathy is enhanced when we see her enjoying young love with her boyfriend, Reg. While close up's of them kissing are showing on the screen, romantic music is playing in the background to give a happy and comfortable feeling. We then see them together walking through a park talking about their bright future ahead of them however the camera moves down as they do this to show a homeless man sleeping on a bench.

    • Word count: 1206
  2. "Modern Public life could not exist or function properly without the Media"

    Public life occurs where private issues are brought to the attention of the general public through the use of the media. Without out the media it would be private life, not public life. Media, as defined by the Collins dictionary is the plural of medium which "is a means of communicating or teaching something." When we talk about the media we do not just use traditional forms of media like newspapers, television and radio but we also use other forms of media like movies, the internet, transnationals companies and communication technologies.

    • Word count: 2182
  3. There is general consensus that he mass media is "not just any other business" (McQuail, 2005: 218). Explain why this is so by applying three rationales or reasons that you consider significant to the argument.

    As a consequence, it is egging critics to further associate the mass media as a monopolising business venture. However, mass media is distinctive from any other business because of it is a powerful institution that has responsibilities when influencing the entire society. While mass media is said to be a dissimilar from other industries, it still revolves around who has ownership of power. McQuail (2005, 8) states in the text that: "Communication as such has no power of compulsion but is an invariable component and a frequent means of the exercise of power, whether effectively or not. Despite the voluntary character of attention to mass media, the question of their power is never over audience if never too far away."

    • Word count: 2490
  4. Pre production report write up.

    I thought the title 'Murder in Morton' would be appropriate because it uses alliteration although I am aware that it isn't very original, so in my re-draft I may change it. The main character is a young maverick and he will be able to provide humour for the audience so I thought it appropriate for Noel Fielding to play him as he is known as a comedian and hasn't done any previous acting work apart from his comedy show so he isn't a very well known face.

    • Word count: 831
  5. Creating new character

    They also have to deal with their relationships with Marissa Cooper, the girl next door when Ryan moves in, and Summer Roberts, Seth's dream girl. Summer is portrayed as a stereotypical spoiled rich girl, with some snobiness. This is displayed in the first episode, where Summer is at first attracted to newcomer Ryan Atwood, until she finds out he is from Chino, prompting the response "Chino, eww." However, different sides to Summer become evident as she develops. It is during her transformation that Summer falls in love with Seth, the boy who was never popular.

    • Word count: 1156
  6. Explain how modern technology has influenced different forms of media over the past 10 years

    Many people now use the Internet to replace such things as thesaurus', dictionaries and maps. The Internet is now also widely used for things such as grocery and clothes shopping, keeping in touch with people via email and also to meet new people in places like chat rooms and dating websites. The Internet started off as a very small network of computers, that scientist used to swap information and help them with their studies. The first internet was created in 1969 and advances where made throughout the 1970's by a company called TCP/IP, although they didn't even call in the 'Internet' until 1983.

    • Word count: 1362
  7. Free essay

    Comparing Aileen - Life and Death of a Serial Killer & When We Were Kings

    Aileen did poorly in school and was promiscuous before even becoming a teenager. Shockingly we find out that she was pregnant by the age of 14 and was sent away to an unwed mother's home. Her son was then adopted in 1971. She was portrayed to be a sick and perhaps mentally un-stable person, making claims such as that she had sex with her brother at a young age. As the documentary continues we learn that Aileen never held a steady job, she simply prostituted herself out to men to make money.

    • Word count: 992
  8. Evaluation of a TV serial

    The Simpsons are a typical family who live in a fictional "Middle American" town of Springfield. Homer, the father, works as a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant-a position at odds with his careless, buffoonish personality. He is married to Marge Simpson, a stereotypical American housewife and mother. They have three children: Bart, a ten-year-old troublemaker; Lisa, a precocious eight-year-old activist; and Maggie, a baby who rarely speaks, but communicates by sucking on a pacifier. The family owns a dog, Santa's Little Helper, and a cat, Snowball. Both pets have had starring roles in several episodes.

    • Word count: 931
  9. Elections and Media

    This evidence supports the fact that the television makes the voters focus on the image of the candidate rather than ideals and their intellectual responses to the questions at hand. In the 1960 election, the television had won the nation away from sound to images. It is not fair to other candidates because the other candidates could be better off running the country than a person who was won over by materialistic views. Television may make a candidate appear one way, but when they are in office they become two-faced, thus promoting the fact that more and more candidates are pursuing images more than issues.

    • Word count: 963
  10. What images of family and school life are presented in Malcolm in the Middle?

    If Malcolm or Reese do something to Dewey she always finds out what they did to him. On the other hand, Hal who is the father, wants to be a kid again. He always tries to hang around Reese and Malcolm as they are the oldest in the family, so, he tries to go out with them to arcades or to see movies with there friends basically trying to be 'cool' like everyone else. We very rarely see the whole family together, it is only twice we see the family together in this episode.

    • Word count: 1342
  11. Veiw from a statue

    There could be a whole new world over the edge. Is there even an edge? Who knows? Years ago those little things climbed on my feet, just to get a better view or to pose in front of a compact box, with a blinding flash for a couple of seconds, but now there are large metallic fences at my feet. This is predominantly because I am old, weary and wearing out so I need protecting. People get here in many different ways, clear boxes which travel up and down continuously, moving stairs, or climbing 222 steps reaching the summit, exhausted.

    • Word count: 678
  12. Why do people watch Soap Operas?

    There is also the hypodermic theory that was created in the 1930's and is based on the incidents that occurred after the broadcasting of 'war of the worlds' on the radio, people actually believed that aliens were invading the planet, people who watch soaps think that they are watching something that is real and they think that the characters are real, there have been incidents where people have bumped into an actor or actress who have been playing a bad person in the soap and the fan has just hurled abuse at them.

    • Word count: 720
  13. Sitcom Feature Article

    When you watch your favourite sitcom (situational comedy), you think it's just made for the laughs, don't you? Yes, but really it's giving you an impression of American lifestyles and families, whether it's real or not. By watching my most loved sitcom, Friends, you'd think it was cheap and simple to buy a Manhattan central apartment. Well, actually they're quite expensive and hard to get hold of! Or by watching the hilariously funny Frasier, you can see that the family is completely dysfunctional at times, but they all come together to solve the problem in the end. Yet, American sitcoms have come a long way. Once upon a time, sitcoms were of happy organised families with little troubles.

    • Word count: 925
  14. What should you think about when preparing to make a TV report?

    To ensure the viewers will care about what you have to say, you have to reach them at their level where the story will actually have an effect on them, for example if you were to prepare a TV report for when the Iraq war first began the public would have been interested as whichever decision the government was taking was having an effect on them as the British soldiers would have to go and fight and some lose their lives.

    • Word count: 1329
  15. Moore's documentary is a one-way mirror

    In contrast to the other figures, the amount of cases in America (11127) is substantially high. We however are ambiguous to the size of the populations of all the countries listed. Subsequently, we are unaware of the amount of cases that occur as a percentage of the countries total population and therefore the true statistic. The Australian and American stats, as a percentage of the totals of their respective populations can be contrasted to show the extent of exaggeration that Moore has concealed effectively. The number of Australian related cases is a meager 65 which is also approximately 171 times less that the figure of the United States of 11127 cases.

    • Word count: 1082
  16. sit-som treatment

    Michael was the smartest in the family he was really the backbone of his father because in desperate times his dad would tern to him for advice as if he was more superior then him. The daughter left home and goes to collage yet she likes to sleep around with boys and ended up with a baby called Kenzo. What made this sitcom funny to watch was mainly the conflict and the situations it self with an unorganised hierarchy within the family with no true leader.

    • Word count: 1554
  17. Differences between American and British sitcoms

    Each character is often stereotyped with unusual goals or catch phrases that continue throughout the sitcom. Differences between American and British sitcoms From analysing American and British sitcoms I have noticed many differences between the pair. American sitcoms are usually set in high class, luxurious looking houses or apartments. They are crammed with attractive looking people and sets. Friends is a typical American sitcom, because the characters are glamorous, pleasant people who are eye-catching and quite exaggerated. The setting is unrealistic, as it is much too high priced for their level of socio economic status.

    • Word count: 1144
  18. The purpose of the documentary film Step into Liquid

    Step into Liquid presents a diverse range of people enjoying surfing in a myriad of different locations in order to convey that surfing can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. By breaking through the stereotype of the male, athletic surfer, viewers believe that surfing can be enjoyed by anyone, including themselves. Children, women, handicapped people and people surfing oil tanker wake in Texas are presented in Step into Liquid, all surfing for fun. By presenting a diverse range of people surfing, Step into Liquid enforces its view that anyone can surf, anywhere.

    • Word count: 614
  19. Realism and Television

    Flick on the television during peak times on a week night and it's pretty difficult to avoid reality television. From home makeovers to celebrity fit clubs, the popularity with 'so called' reality television is astounding. But is reality tv just another highly produced product of the culture industry? More often that not, these reality programs are highly constructed to attract viewers. As Andrejevic questions, "Why is Reality tv pretending that it's real, so that we may cannily believe it's phony, when it accurately portrays the reality of contrivance in contemporary society?"(Andrejevic 2004). These programs are clearly not an accurate representation of how most people live.

    • Word count: 1993
  20. In this excerpt from Marie Winn's 1977 book The Plug In

    Drugs provide a biological reinforcement of the activity and produces a pleasurable chemical response. Thus, people will repeat the activity. Television also provides a degree of reinforcement, or else people would not return to TV viewing again and again. Winn's argument is compelling because she cites examples of people who become helpless to turn off the television. Even though they are ultimately dissatisfied by hours of viewing, they still fall into the same habit and return to viewing for its passive state. It is not necessarily pleasant, but it is not painful. It is a distraction from the difficulties of daily life.

    • Word count: 1004
  21. The emergence of television as a mass medium of communication was the key turning point in improving leisure opportunities for the ordinary people of Britain

    A 'key turning point' is classified as an event which causes an absolute change in the fabric of society. A 'leisure opportunity' is expressed as a time for ease and relaxation in which there is a chance to participate in a hobby. Traditionally, activities taken part in during leisure opportunities may have been gardening, cooking, reading and sports. However, over the past 50 years with the ever growing availability of mass communication these activities may be less favourable and replaced by watching television, listening to music or playing computer games and browsing the internet.

    • Word count: 1851
  22. Codes And Conventions

    The studio normally has most of the graphics like the pictures that are linked to the story, either behind the news reader or to the top left or top right corner or the screen, to give the viewers more of an idea what the story is about, and also giving them a visual description. The studio however is normally shown to be a medium sized room. They also have most of their stories given to the viewers from the same area, but some of the stories have a reporter which will be at the scene or around the area that the storyline is linked to.

    • Word count: 999
  23. Full up or Fed Up?

    He seems to be on every Entertainment program there is (such as "I'm a celebrity...") and like James Martin on "Strictly Come Dancing." Celebrity chefs seem to be appearing everywhere now, and it seems every one can become a 'Celebrity chef' if they write a book and hire out a studio. The first ever Celebrity chef, Marie-Antoine Car�me, died in 1844 aged just 49. Viewers seem to always be watching these shows more and more because the cooks have started to interact with the viewers.

    • Word count: 1151
  24. We have chosen to investigate the genre of Soap opera, this is a 30 minute serial (ongoing) programme which, in today's society, is increasing popular with television viewers

    Although the public generally loves soap operas, be it 'Hollyoaks' to 'Eastenders', certain soaps do have their shelf life. Should a soaps ratings plummet or their costs of production soar, then television companies cease funding, and the soap is ultimately doomed. This was the case with the now defunct channel 4 soap 'Brookside.' However, the costs of the modern day soap opera is much more than it was in the earliest days of the genre. This is because of the increased production prices, and continual paying of the cast members, this has always been the case, but now the pay has increased, causing the overall costs of production to increase with it.

    • Word count: 1237
  25. is television good or bad??

    The first person (as he claims) Charles Francis Jenkins invented a mechanical Television system called radio vision in June 14, 1923. Also around that period in 1929 Zworykin invented the cathode-ray tube called kinescope, a tube needed for TV transmission. In 1948 cable TV became a phenomenon. It is formally known as Community Antenna Television or CATV. It was born in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It was started by John Walson and Margaret Walson.

    • Word count: 452

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