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AS and A Level: Television

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  1. How Do You Account For The Popularity Of The Crime/Cop Genre With Television Audience's?

    The genre encompasses a wide range of programmes and new angles are repeatedly being developed. Many of these programme trait policemen, with uniform or plain-clothes, who try hard to investigate crimes and try to find evidence to solve the particular crimes. Series are those programmes which have the same stars and the same locations every week but which have different stories each episode. Theses stories are self contained, unlike serials whose stories continue from one episode to the next. In the early days of television the most popular series were westerns, but since the 1950's the police series has taken its place as the most successful series genre.

    • Word count: 2645
  2. Review of British soaps

    For example... working class families and the presence of strong female characters e.g. Pauline Fowler and Deidre Barlow. Eastenders is a typical soap opera, due to it maintaining two or more major with several minor storylines at any one time, and it ends with cliff-hangers. One of the reasons Eastenders retains its undoubted popularity is due to its extensive issue exploration. Throughout its history it has focused on issues such as drug addiction, abortion, AIDS, homosexuality, racial and domestic violence, murders and attempted murders, teenage pregnancy and adultery. All these issues are relevant to everyday life.

    • Word count: 1209
  3. Should Television Be Switched On?

    There is a large body of research that documents the way in which exposure to television influences children generally, and much of this relates to the effects of exposure to violent content in programming. Children who view programmes where violence is very realistic, frequently repeated or left unpunished, are more likely to imitate what they observe on television. The impact of television violence may be immediately evident in a child's behaviour or it may surface years later. Children who spend their time alone will learn behaviour from television, which is considered to be acceptable.

    • Word count: 1747
  4. Comparison between the sitcom 'Friends' and the play of 'Neville's Island'.

    He tries his hardest to keep the peace between Angus and Gordon, (Timothy Spall) who is extremely sarcastic towards his fellow peers and seems to pick up on every little flaw in their character, which later show him to be a bully, his cruel sarcasm gives us many funny moments throughout the play of Neville's island, such as "all Christians are like Radio hams". Gordon seems to have many rants at his fellow colleagues most of which result in "handbags at dawn" style tension between him and Angus, (David Bamber)

    • Word count: 2920
  5. A journey into the Realm of Dungons and Dragons

    Opinion, even to this day, is sharply divided. Some gamers loved it; some hated it. But one thing was certain; Dungeons and Dragons, the cartoon inspired a whole generation of children to use their imaginations to wish themselves away to the Realm. The show's premise was simple; take six kids, a rollercoaster ride and a new, and frightening world. Add into the mix a villain named Venger and an enigmatic guide called Dungeonmaster along with a mascot named Uni and there you had it. On paper, surely, a recipe for success.

    • Word count: 1123
  6. The Simpsons.

    The complication is soon resolved and the characters re-evaluate their relationship before moving onto the reorientation where order is restored. The opening sequence for The Simpsons has only ever been changed once, besides the schoolboard and the Simpsons arriving at home each episode. These two scenes change every episode and encourage viewers to be there when The Simpsons starts. It also shows the nuclear power plant, which is often ridiculed for its radiation pollution, and Bart and Lisa's school which is detested by children of most ages.

    • Word count: 1026
  7. After viewing The Office and I'm Alan Partridge I agree with the quote "Men in situation comedy are doomed to fail". Throughout both of the sit-coms I looked at, the main element of comedy is the lead characters failures.

    David Brent's attire is smart and tidy, and he tries to fit in with fashion and an upbeat lifestyle. We can tell from the start from his appearance and behaviour, that he fails at this. He is overweight and attempts to act and appear younger than he is. Whenever Brent is being shown, he shows off to the camera making sure that he is the centre of attention. He attempts to be the comic of the group and win the friendships of others. The way Brent acts is very casual, this gives us the impression that he has a big ego and at makes the audience believe he has a high status.

    • Word count: 572
  8. Television is the scapegoat for society's ills." Discuss.

    Unfortunately, it is undeniable that in a small way, television has contributed to some of the problems in our society. In a bid to boost ratings, producers have added much violence and s*x to programmes to make them exciting. As a result, minors have been exposed to the wrong ideas. Besides, some programmes are so "exciting" that people spend too much time watching television, neglecting their work or studies.

    • Word count: 510
  9. "Compare how the representation of gender is constructed by the characters' appearance and dialogue in your two television programmes."

    repeatedly recognised as housewives, who cook and clean for the man of the house from gone by, when this was a true idealism). Monica is excitable in this scene; she is very happy with her new job and discusses it on the telephone with her boyfriend (Chandler). Monica informs Chandler that she works with a man who is not only pleasant, but very funny, "Chandler, he is the funniest guy I've ever met". She says this knowing that Chandler likes to be the centre of attention when it comes to humour; and that if he is not, then he can become very competitive and childish.

    • Word count: 2811
  10. Discuss how the film-maker, Christopher Morris, of Janis Joplin: Southern Discomfort has encouraged viewer response towards the subject of Janis Joplin through the version of reality that he has constructed.

    Morris characteristically highlights versions of Janis's life and issues within it to elicit particular responses towards her, through the use of visual and audio effects. Morris encourages viewers to see Janis' ambitious spirit and success put under the pressures of being a woman in the high expectations of the music industry and society. Janis is made obvious that she was no glamour queen yet stole the hearts of many with her extraordinary talent to sing. Janis was an inspiration for many, with her enormous ego and passionate energy to give.

    • Word count: 772
  11. How realistic do you find the character of Victor Meldrew in 'One Foot in the Grave', base your answer on an analysis of 'In Luton Airport No-One Can Hear You Scream'

    so you don't have to follow the story lines, most sitcoms have inexpensive sets, props and costumes or anything that can easily be carried on or off stage. Most sitcoms last for about 30 minutes and are based on everyday experiences so the audience can relate to them. All of these conventions are there to attract attention to Meldrew. For example having few main characters focus's all our attention on Meldrew and what he is doing. Having inexpensive props (properties), sets and costumes again draws our attention to Meldrew because our attention isn't focused on props or the surroundings and

    • Word count: 1043
  12. What does mise-en-scene contribute to our understanding of character and plot in the chosen sequence of All That Heaven Allows? Discuss how far this use is typical of Classical Narrative Cinema.

    and from the mise-en-scene in these opening scenes it is obvious that she would prefer a romantic affiliation of some sort with Ron. After a few pleasantries, some tea at the table outside Cary's house and some profound references to gardening, Ron goes to hand Cary a small brance/twig, evidently a token of deep affection. The film so far displays all the conventions of classical narrative and maintains all the dominant ideologies of the day. Cary is in a certain social class and she is expected to find a partner of similar standing and outlook (and age).

    • Word count: 1857
  13. An analysis of the current media text The Simpsons, and the extent of which it displays the generic conventions of a postmodern text.

    The hybridisation of different film genres is likely to have derived from the postmodern movement as a whole, taking something old and changing it into something new. This hybridisation is reflected in its eclectic qualities, selecting what seems to be the best from different sources and styles and including it within their new works. Similarly Waugh states that postmodern texts 'flaunt their implication in and complicity with Late Capitalism by deliberately incorporating aspects of mass culture.' This statement is supported with The Simpsons display of intertextuality: the show includes material from all aspects of the cultural terrain, from film, television, literature, science fiction, and other comics.

    • Word count: 3265
  14. Comparison Between

    They also expect happy music rather than sad or depressing, which would suit a soap opera for example. Therefore the key conventions of a cartoon comedy are bright happy scenes of the characters or setting and some slight comic acts. Firstly, The Simpsons. The programme starts, by showing a blue sky with a few clouds. As the clouds clear, "The Simpsons" slowly zooms towards the screen and is sung by several voices. This happens at the beginning of every episode and is expected by the audience as it is like a "catchphrase" of the show. I feel this helps keep the audiences watching as when they hear it sung, it automatically grabs their attention, as it is such a famous saying.

    • Word count: 1597
  15. Measuring and Understanding Media Audiences.

    I imagine that in-depth interviews of both the viewers, actors and actresses will be useful as a wider range of questions can be asked and answers can be elaborated on. Also participant observation can be introduced, for example when fans hold lunches. The producers of Coronation Street would perhaps be interested in what the motivations and attitudes of the viewers were with regards to watching their programme. They may also be concerned with what age groups are watching and how often they do. The attitudes and motives of the audience towards the programme could be found out by the actors.

    • Word count: 1134
  16. Technological advances in football.

    * Lightest football boot around - built for speed * Soft ground 194 g * Firm ground 202 g * Sprint spike stud configuration * Ultra thin synthetic for `feel` of the ball Ball Nike mercurial vapour ball (image 3) * Synthetically made - strength and durability in all conditions * Low water retention - keeps shape and weight * 2% more deviation in flight - leading to harder shots, therefore more spectacular goals * Special small sided games version in metallic silver - higher visibility Protection Nike vapour guards (image 4)

    • Word count: 591
  17. Big Brotheris "a uniquely damaging and vicious piece of television, pandering to the worst instincts of the viewer, broadcaster and participant, degrading all three in the process." (David Aaronovitch) - How far do you agree with this assessment?

    They would battle it out over the 9 weeks nominating two other people each week to go to the public vote and eventually one person was left to claim their cash prize of �70,000. It claimed to be 'infotainment', a social experiment never before tried, but with the entertaining twist of a soap opera or game show. Some people would argue that, in short, Big Brother is reality TV and even documentaries themselves, gone bad. Documentary is the oldest form of film making.

    • Word count: 1511
  18. Watch Jack Neo's Homerun and an episode of MediaCorp's "Police and Thief" television programme. Compare and contrast then in terms of both narrative and genre and/or mode.

    These locally produced shows use, essentially different techniques in many areas to present the story to us while making use of our experiences as Singaporeans to help us understand and appreciate the shows from their story/plot to the surprises and nuances contained within. I will proceed to show you how the techniques used are also more different than similar. A distinction between the two shows is the element of narration. Cause and effect is employed to effectively present the story or stories in the shows.

    • Word count: 1620
  19. My TV show is called 'trapped teens' I chose this particular title because the show is about teenagers who are trapped in a house.

    In screen shot 6 there are all the contestants walking up some steps into a door. The colours are just plain blue with the exception of the contestants clothing which are brightly coloured so they stand out. This is a long shot the reason for this is because that way you can see all of the contestants. The shot lasts for 2seconds. The music in this shot is upbeat and modern I chose this, as it will grab the audience's attention immediately. Screen shot 7 has all the contestants standing in a line as if they have just got in the door I chose this as it links in with the next shot.

    • Word count: 828
  20. "The Simpsons" - An assessment

    All the family, one by one, finally get home then rush to the couch. The main difference between the opening and closing shots is that the family are in different places within the town but in the closing shot they are together, which, in my opinion is quite typical of a family since they each lead different lives but in the end they are one. Throughout the title sequence the music is firstly slow and heavenly then as we descend from the clouds as if we are gathering speed the music becomes lively, upbeat, jazzy and discordant like the family they argue but always come back together.

    • Word count: 1078
  21. How successful are soap operas in simulating reality? Should 'simulating reality' be the main goal of this genre?

    It is common to hear arguments about soaps such as Eastenders, for example when Jamie died, some people were glad to see the end of his character whereas many people, especially girls, were upset and crying because they couldn't imagine the show without him. After dramatic events take place in the show, the ratings tend to rise which is why soaps have slowly become more violent and socially involved... shows like Dallas based their entertainment around purely exaggerated fiction, but still kept an air of reality about it, but soaps today tend to exaggerate things which actually occur socially on

    • Word count: 829
  22. Analysis of Hollyoaks Title Sequence.

    If they do stayed tune in and carry on watching the episode, then they will be approached by another first for, but this time, covering all British soaps not just a few. I'm talking about the fact that they don't just have scenery in the title sequence. Each of the other main soaps, Eastenders, Coronation Street and when it was on Brookside, they all use scenery, to introduce the surroundings instead of the characters. Yes, it does have scenery but this is pushed to the side and in the centre is the difference to all other British soaps.

    • Word count: 747
  23. Compare and contrast the codes and conventions of soaps.

    Ian Beal being the top businessman he was buys the caf� again after going bankrupt and wants Laura his ex wife to go downhill, he is celebrating with his children, this burns Laura and the audience like to see how she does something to get him back. Ian being the rather hated character that everyone despises in the programme, as his head is and nose are way to high in the sky. One of the main plots at the moment involves a few characters, the new Asian family, The Ferraris.

    • Word count: 1846
  24. The matrix.

    This gives the impression that the computer is some how connected to the to the scene and that the place and situation has happened because of, or as a result of the computer and that you have to go through the computer to get to this place. However this may not be as obvious to someone who has not watched the film before. The camera then shows a group of police officers that are obviously looking for something or someone; the camera uses a long establishing shot at a bottom angle to show this.

    • Word count: 988
  25. Describe the ways in which different TV fictional narratives appeal to their audiences. Refer to specific examples in your answer.

    The majority of action occurs in the home (flat) of the main characters or in the local pub (Nag's Head) but there are many more shots shown when 'Del Boy' and his younger brother 'Rodney' go off to work - or at least their idea of work. The theme of the sitcom is based on one main character 'Del Boy' who constantly defies the 'tax man' and attempts to earn a living from 'flogging' cheap, 'knocked-off' goods down the market stall.

    • Word count: 1456

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