The first part is to compare and evaluate two competitor organisations strategies of their promotional aspects of marketing. The two products that I have chosen are Calvin Klein and Charlie.

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For unit 7, there are two parts to this assignment.

Part A

The first part is to compare and evaluate two competitor organisations strategies of their promotional aspects of marketing. The two products that I have chosen are Calvin Klein and Charlie. Calvin Klein is a well known product as for Charlie it is not. Calvin Klein is sold in high streets in department stores like Debenhams and House of Fraser etc. As for Charlie it is sold in shops like Body care and in pharmacies.

Part B

The other part of the assignment I am to produce a marketing promotional plan for the product Mars Topic. Milk chocolate with Hazelnuts, Soft Nougat and Smooth Caramel Centre. Topic is not one of the most popular bars in the Mars range. To make it popular again I am going to produce a promotional plan.



These are the targets that a business will hope to achieve. The main groups of objectives are: -

* Awareness

* Interest

* Desire

* Action

These are which lead to the consumer either purchasing the product in question, repeat buying or adopting the ideas being communicated.

Calvin Klein has already made the people aware of their product and produced interest. Desire has also been worked by referring Calvin Klein to sex. Without delay they need to make the people take action into buying the product.

Charlie has been made aware of the product due to being known as a cheaper version of Calvin Klein, cheaper but no quality. Charlie does not use advertising. To do this they need to make people interested into wanting to purchase the product with a sales promotion campaign.

Communication process

Communication is the process by which information is given to a specific audience. The first part of the process of communication is the sender using the correct message and if so is the message presented well. If research has indicated potential customers lack information about the product, then the message being communicated must concentrate on informing customers. Without an understanding of what the message should be the campaign is likely to falter.

Calvin Klein tries to get the message across to the public by trying to show they are sophisticated, expensive, special, and exclusive. The reason for this is the style given to Calvin Klein through its advertising campaigns. The message does get across because it is seen that Calvin Klein is sold in department stores like Debenhams, John Lewis etc as a luxury.

Charlie is perceived as a gift and cheap. Charlie is part of Revlon. Charlie is sold as a perfume and a deodorant. The reason for Charlie being known as cheap is because it is sold in shops like Body Care or in pharmacies. Charlie does not spend money on advertising this is another reason for not being popular. The message given to the public is that Charlie is a cheaper version of Calvin Klein.

Corporate image

This is a view of a company held by its customers, employees, and the public at large. Market research would aim to find the image characteristics desired by the customers who would in turn influence decisions on corporate advertising and corporate identity.

Calvin Klein as a company that is famous for its in-house agency that does every TV spot, print ad and concept. The image for CKOne is that it is a unisex perfume targeting both women and men. Calvin Klein image is sexy while it is being neither male nor female. It also says it is a 'luxury' product which is sophisticated and expensive.

Charlie is a perfume that is developed by the company Revlon therefore Charlie is not a brand which is designer like Calvin Klein. This might be the reason it lacks of being popular. It is popular within people who look for cheap gifts. Charlie has the image as a cheaper version of Calvin Klein. It is poor in the ethical environment.

Promotional mix

Advertising is a way if communicating with people in the marketplace. Advertising has aims and messages. They are to increase sales. The messages they try to send out are fun, sexy, practical and reliable. There are different ways of advertising it is mainly used through the media for example television, radio, newspaper etc.

Calvin Klein promotional strategies include advertising. This is an important factor to Calvin Klein. Their advertising features print advertisements and TV spots of several attractive young models, but the particularity of the campaign is that the email addresses of the models are printed on the advertisements. There are a lot of Calvin Klein perfumes so it would be necessary to advertise.

Charlie is not advertised as this would cost a lot of money, but to make the product popular the product should be considered to be advertised. Charlie relies on word of mouth. There is also not a lot of scope with Charlie as it only has two perfumes Charlie Blue and Charlie Red.

Branding establishes an identity for your product that distinguishes it from the competition. Marketing managers often talk about the personality of their brands if referring to people. Successful branding adds value to an item.

The following make a brand image:-

* Logo/trademark

* Reputation

* Perceived quality

* Packaging

* Slogan

* Uniqueness

* Product loyalty

* Individuality

Calvin Klein stops other companies from using the Calvin Klein name or logo on products that are produced by someone else. If another company were allowed to freely use the Calvin Klein name, this could injure the Calvin Klein Inc. by another company which could sell at a lower cost because it could take advantage of the advertising by Calvin Klein without having to spend any money for such recognition. Another company could offer goods or services of lesser quality, which consumers would then associate with the Calvin Klein Inc. thinking it was the source of the bad products or service, and another company could make more money by either selling more goods at a lower price, or selling products at higher prices. Either way, they'd enjoy much lower overhead, as they wouldn't have to pay to produce and deliver high quality product, good customer service, and advertising. You can see the Calvin Klein logo. The writing style is Times New Roman for the logo. If this logo is showned to the public they would recognise it and also they don't need to find out what CK means as it written within the logo the name Calvin Klein with the writing style as Verdana . Calvin Klein is a brand in the upper-level price bracket. Similarly, it will also be perceived to have a rather limited distribution, but it does again become subjective what one thinks about the company's various marketing campaigns
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Charlie is produced by the company Revlon therefore it has to have its company name on the product. Revlon is known for selling make up but it is not popular for people knowing it sells perfume. Charlie does have a logo for recognition of their brand, but it is not recognised as Calvin Klein. Charlie has Revlon written with it this is to show people it is part of their product. The writing style used for Charlie is French Script as it can be seen below. The name is slanted backwards this can be seen in the packaging ...

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