The Hoboken Happenings television show and its accompanying Internet web site.

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A.        Products, services, and experiences        

B.        Pricing        

B.        Marketing expense budget        

D.        Profit and loss analysis        

VIII.        CONTROLS        

A.        Implementation        

B.        Marketing Organization        

C.        Contingency Planning        


The Hoboken Happenings television show and its accompanying Internet web site is being developed to provide insight into the one-mile square city of Hoboken, NJ.  It is a community that enjoys all the benefits of a big city while maintaining all the charm and intimacy of a small neighborhood.

Hoboken Happenings is a community based cable television service and Internet web site that provides information and entertainment to the local area.  The cable show is an outreach to the citizens of Hoboken as well as an arm of the business community.  Similarly, an Internet web site is being developed in order to complement the cable program by providing information on upcoming shows, and highlighting segments of previously aired programs.

One-on-one discussions and real life interviews will feature local political leaders, television personalities, actors, musicians, professors, artists and educators who will share their experiences and accomplishments. Spotlights on local businesses will inform local residents and others about the services, opportunities, and activities that exist within the community.

        Hoboken, existing in the shadows of New York City, attracts young single professionals from across the state of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New England, and even Manhattan [Reporter].  Also, the city demographics include a significant number of families with children as well as older residents many of whom are Hoboken natives [Census].  The attraction to Hoboken includes its parks, festivals, music venues, and its extraordinary amount of restaurants and cafes.  These venues give Hoboken an electrical energy that is like a magnet to those who enjoy an urban environment.  

Adding to the attraction is the extensive train, ferry and bus system.  Hoboken is considered to be a major transportation hub for the state of New Jersey where thousands travel to and through Hoboken on a daily basis.

Focusing on the forecasted growth and development plan for the city of Hoboken, the developers of Hoboken Happenings believe that the cable show is a needed resource for the local constituents and businesses [Hoboken]

Initially our aim will be to cater information and entertainment services to the Hoboken sector ages 24-34, our demographic core constituent.  Later, our desire and intention will be to diversify services beyond the city boundaries and step into a collage of newer emerging markets.

Our company will be an extension of the business sector in Hoboken; our emphasis will be on providing ad hoc and planned information to the community at large.  We will claim a marketing foothold in the city of Hoboken by the end of the year. 

Potential viewers will learn of the show through a major advertising campaign, starting with an initial blitz occurring during the Hoboken Fall Art and Music Festival.  It attracts over 75,0000 people each year [Hoboken].  The event will provide extreme exposure who have interest in Hoboken and enhance our ability to ‘get the word out’ about the show.

The total number of potential Hoboken viewers exceeds 58,000

 [WBMCTV].  The show along with the Internet web site and HobokenHappenings.TV will create an additional marketing resource for businesses in Hoboken and the immediate surrounding areas.

Competition will be inescapable and unavoidable: New York City media centers distribute services to a larger market, New Jersey media outlets compete on a regional platform.  However, Hoboken Happenings is content and confident that our company will not only differentiate itself from the competition in terms of information but will be one of the innovative cable and web sites in the Northeast area.

Ultimately, all television shows airing in the same time slot as Hoboken Happenings will be the overall competition; none compete directly by focusing on the ins and outs of Hoboken, New Jersey.  The Hoboken Happenings Internet web site will not directly compete with the more successful web sites and  Rather, it is looking to partner with these sites by providing a link between them.  The focus of the Hoboken Happenings web sites will be to direct potential viewers and sponsors to the television show as well as provide additional content to the current viewing population.  The web site will make available the one-on-one interviews and sponsor advertisements via streaming video and audio.

Our strategic goals are to create a viewing population of .10 percent of the potential number of viewers by the end of the 1st year of the show.  Other goals include increasing the customer base of our sponsoring businesses by 5 percent and achieving a break-even profit margin in our first year of business.  We will differentiate our business by communicating our knowledge of the Hoboken area to local and nearby customers.


  1. Market Overview

  1. Market Demographics and Need

Hoboken Happenings will benefit from the continual desire of young urban professionals relocating to Hoboken.  Hoboken is considered to be a microcosm of New York City, with over 300 businesses including bars and restaurants that have become the Mecca of young professionals ages 24 to 34.  The active transient urban group that Hoboken attracts, will need to look for goods and services to satisfy what we hope to be an insatiable appetite for entertainment, places to eat, health related activities especially physical activities and exercising opportunities.  

Old ways of marketing become stale and ineffective.  Advertisement loses its edge.  For new businesses that need to expand, new channels of distribution are necessary.  In order for local businesses to stay competitive, area merchants will seek out Hoboken Happenings for a marketing advantage. 

Business Market

        Our primary market is the small to medium size business.  The small business sector is lives and dies with Hoboken.  These businesses have less than 100 employees.  Hoboken businesses serve the local community rather than larger geographical markets like Manhattan.  Consequently, the Hoboken area is surrounded by these small businesses with a need to increase revenue much the same as large companies. 

Our marketing research shows that these growing companies are seeking an edge in attracting consumers.  It is our intention to provide our services as professional courtesy to our fellow business and at the same time generate profits for our company. The Hoboken Happenings customer consists of businesses that interact with the cable and Internet service as advertisers and consumers who want to receive their information from and about the community they live in. 

Hoboken Happenings specializes in providing information to residents of Hoboken and surrounding communities.  As the focus is on attracting customers to the cable service, Hoboken Happenings works hand and hand with local businesses to develop and encourage advertisement.  Media advertisement is revenue-sustaining venture that fuels our growth.

As such, the business community is important to us, as our needs are dependent upon their affiliation with them.  In turn, these local merchants are dependent upon a local population that is aware of the best consumer deals as well as the latest consumer trends.

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Consumer Market

Based on US census demographic data for 2000, our initial target market group is Caucasian between 24 and 34 years of age.  This age group represents 37.86% of the total 38,577 population or 14,604 customers and the gender is evenly split.  With a median age of 30.4 years, the Hoboken market is considered young, urban and professional with incomes above $75,000 [Census]. 

These particular segments of the current population are the affluent "yuppies" of the Hudson County area.  These residents are established with high paying positions interested in a comfortable lifestyle that includes services of convenience, physical fitness, entertainment, political and social ...

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