The horrible reality of the situation suddenly dawned on me.

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The horrible reality of the situation suddenly dawned on me.

        It was the night after I got the phone-call saying that a taxi on the Camlough Road knocked him down and that he was in a really bad way. I laughed when I got that phone-call, I didn’t believe my best friend Emma when she said it to me. I believed it couldn’t be true.

        I was down in the Meadow with all my mates when I got hit in the face with reality. My friends didn’t seem like their usual selves. They all stood around looking very glum and dreary. We were all in shock. Marcus had only twenty-four hours to live and if he didn’t come around they were going to pull the plug. Short life when its over at the age of eighteen isn’t it?

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        None of us felt the same that day but we felt worse a couple of days later. The machine had been turned off and my friend was gone forever. The only thing that was going through my head was the good times we had together. Camping out in the summer, taking long walks out to the twenty-four hour station, and just three weeks before he died we ended our relationship. Marcus was a laugh he was always there to crack a joke or take the Mickey out of someone. We shared many a happy time together but the best times ...

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