The Marketing Mix in a Changing Business Environment

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Nehat Krasniqi, BAMA Year 1 Marketing & Advertising – Assignment One The Marketing Mix in a Changing Business Environment 06/02/2003 The Basic Idea of Marketing as an exchange process has it’s root in very ancient history, when people began to produce crops or goods surplus to their own requirements and then to barter them for other things they wanted. Elements of marketing, particularly selling and Advertising have been around as long as trade itself, but it took the industrial revolution, and the development of mass production techniques and the separation of the buyers and sellers to sow the seeds of what we recognise as marketing today. Marketing has become a comprehensive and integrative field, highlighting the potential for conflict between marketing and other internal functions. By showing that marketing can work with other functions, many successful organisations such as Sony, Nestle, Unilever ensure that all the functions within their organisation focus on the customer, by doing so the organisation is give every department a role in marketing. These organisation have embraced a Marketing philosophy that permeates the whole enterprise, and places the customer firmly at the centre of their universe, they have understood that organisations do not exist for their own sake, they exist primarily to serve the needs of the purchaser and the user of their goods and services. Organisations need to act in that as
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information in order to develop and implement marketing activities that actually delivers something of value to the customer. These activities could be introduced by applying the marketing mix to the given product or service, the ‘4Ps’ Product Price, Promotion and Place, this path of testing and going through a product life cycle has been used since 1960s when it was first introduce by Borden’s. Even though as they stand now, the 4Ps do not contain all the elements of the service sector, so they cannot fully describe the marketing activities that are going on. In 1981 as Booms and Bitner ...

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