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The Nike Magnet advertisement. This advertisement tries to showcase how Lance Armstrong(the central character) struggled and succeeded in his fight against cancer. The clip begins with an long shot that showcases the raging sea and slowly and partially

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                       TRACKING LANCE ARMSTRONG

The Nike Magnet advertisement presents a student learning about film almost all the possible techniques of cinematography present in this modern time. This advertisement is richly shot using numerous tracking shots and almost all possible camera angles.

 This advertisement  tries to showcase how Lance Armstrong(the central character) struggled and succeeded in his fight against cancer. The clip begins with an long shot that showcases the raging sea and slowly and partially zooms into someone on the edge. The next shot is a tracking shot and it simultaneously zooms out . The deep focus on Lance is lost as soon as the camera zooms out and virtually ends up with focus on a passenger in the train traveling parallel to Lance, almost as if someone is watching Lance from the train. Immediately, there is a shot of Lance and the train moving parallel to each other, which employs a kind of dolly shot .The train in the background moves behind Lance almost as if it is following him and the dolly shot is perfectly apt for such a shot. Then the clip moves onto an overhead shot of Lance cycling on a highway and as the camera slowly zooms out it brings the misc-en scene into the frame. The setting of this shot is probably in some barren area probably to showcase a brief period of hopelessness that almost all of us face at some point in our lives. The focus on Lance is lost and now the focus shifts to a flock of birds that are flying over Lance’s head in almost an arrow kind of formation. The road that Lance doesn’t take at the intersection reads “YEILD” and this probably giving the audience the message never to yield and to have hope even in dire circumstances. The most peculiar thing about this shot is that, though the birds are in the form off an arrow, they shown as if they are behind Lance because as the camera is zooming out it also kind of moves backward in a dolly sort of fashion. Then the clip shows us a close-up shot of Lance and then there is a steadicam shot of Lance and a gang of bikers and the camera stays put on the image as they move forward. The misc-en-scene again shows us this is still the first phase of struggle as it takes place in a similar barren area. Another common motif is that all the three above shots have very similar color and contrast. The next shot shows children who are patients (the misc-en scene like a chemotherapy machine) running into a tunnel made out of glass that enables them to see the outside world. Then the shot changes to a medium shot of Lance pumping his fist in the air almost as if saying he has triumphed over the struggle and that he is giving the kids hope. Then the focus slowly changes to a reverse shot of the kids cheering Lance ,who slowly fades into the background with his fist still up. Darker colors are used in this particular sequence when compared to the previous shots. The next sequence uses cross cutting between a medium shot of Lance emerging from a slope and a bunch of bulls running wildly. Then , there is an extremely long shot with Lance in the background cycling on a road and the bulls moving wildly in the land next to the road in almost a grassland kind of terrain . The smoke produced by the wild running of the bulls adds a beautiful contrast to the shot. This particular sequence is metaphorically asking us to charge through all problems like a bull. The next sequence starts with a low angle shot probably from a camera attached to the lower end of Lance’s cycle. Next we  are shown a broken down and two young kids run behind Lance without caring about the rain . The shot of the kids running is a low angle shot that has a deep focus on the kids and the lighting used in this particular shot adds a very dramatic touch to it. This metaphorically shows us that we need determination to face our problems. Then the colors get darker and now we have a shot where the camera is used for a dolly effect as Lance moves along on a curve in a dense forest. Blocking was used predominantly as a part of the misc-en-scene effect in this shot with the basic purpose of making it look like someone was actually watching from behind these trees. The next shot gives us a medium shot at a low angle and then cuts into a close-up at a low angle of Lance with butterflies in the background. The next shows Lance coming out of a dark tunnel followed by yellow butterflies that are glowing. The color scheme of the scene is still very dark. The shot of Lance coming out of the dark tunnel tells us that the struggle is over and he has succeeded in overcoming his problem. The following shot is a medium shot consisting of Lance followed by a herd of cyclists. The lighting is very bright and the shot takes place in a city much like “Le tour de France” competition that made Lance famous. The following shot uses blocking in a very useful manner and the sideways shot of the cyclists in deep focus tends to zoom in after every instance of blocking. The lighting in the city sequence tells us that the struggle is over and this is the recovery phase in which Lance is trying to get back to his best as a cyclist. The final sequence shows us a medium shot of a kid cycling in full vigor. Then there is a close up shot of the front wheel of the kid’s cycle and the rear wheel of Lance’s cycle almost moving at uniform speeds. The last shot is a reverse shot of Lance looking over his shoulder and here the off screen subject that Lance is looking at is probably the kid following him. This final sequence shows us that Lance has become an inspiration to the next generation.This advertisement metaphorically showcases the life of Lance Armstrong .

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Advertisements section.

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