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The product I am making is publicity package, this package is for a new band that has just been formed.This includes :- A CD cover An interview on a national radio station

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Media Studies - Written Commentary The product I am making is publicity package, this package is for a new band that has just been formed. This includes :- * A CD cover * An interview on a national radio station * An article in a popular national music magazine * A fan website for the band My target audience is older teenagers and young people, the age range is about 14 - 30. These people enjoy RnB, Pop and some light rock. The band's style of music is between RnB and Pop. This means most of the targeted audience should enjoy the new bands music. The second type of audience who might enjoy this new bands type of music is the 14 - 30 Hip Hop lovers. These people enjoy music with a real beat to it, this type of music can range from RnB to Drum and Bass. But the music is basically targeted at younger people, this audience may also like artists such as the 'Black eyed peas' and 'Gwen Steffani'. The research I have carried out has included:- * Looking on music websites such as TOTP's. * I have also looked on artists websites guest books. ...read more.


From this, we can produce a good product with a thoroughly thought out plan. The CD cover The CD cover worked well, Kieran used our own imagery, we used photos that we took of the band members. This worked well because not only can the customer see the band members them selves, but this makes the CD different from any other. The audience can also see the type of band they are, they can see this from the way the members look at the camera, the way they are posing and the way they are together. All in all the CD cover is a good piece of work, it includes original powerful imagery and makes a good impression on the audience. The Website The website makes the band the band this is because it includes their photos, their logo, their information and this is where fans can comment on the band. The website includes the "N-Unit" logo, this is placed in the same place on all of the pages. The photos are the same ones used on the CD cover, the audience can relate the two together. The website also includes information about the members, this makes the audience feel almost involved, they are getting to know the band members. ...read more.


Different skills I have learnt whilst making this product are as follows- * Working well with other people who have different ideas and different theories. * Creating a non-active website to the best of my ability, by using a different programme I was able to learn different qualities available to a website. * How to create a magazine page that looks like it is from a magazine and not just been typed out. * And finally how to choose an idea, and sticking with it but making slight changes though out but keeping the idea and purpose the same. I believe my project was extremely realistic, everything looked so real, the website looked like any other (but different) website, the CD cover looked real and professional, the radio interview sounded as if it was a real show and the magazine article looked like a page out of a real magazine. The actual band was also very realistic, the type of band and the type of music is in fact the type of band in which you would expect to and do see in the charts. So all in all, the products and idea produced could very well if really made could be extremely successful and could work really well. ?? ?? ?? ?? Media Studies Coursework Written Commentary Teacher : Ms Richardson Student : Daniel Alford ...read more.

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