The purpose and activities of each functional area and internal and external communications at coca cola.

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Task 2

Title: the purpose and activities of each functional area and internal and external communications at coca cola.

The main functional areas are Human Resources, Production, and Administration, Finance, Marketing, R&D. the main functional areas in the coca cola company are HR, Production and Administration.  

Human Resources

The human resources department recruits the best people for the right jobs. For coca cola the human resources department looks for people who have skills and experience in driving Lorries. They should be honest and happy in what they do.  They produce a frame work which helps them to identify the right person for the work. They check out the attendance, punctuality of the employees. They check whether the employees are paid on time and whether they are late. They first advertise internally for a job that needs to be replaced before advertising it externally. They make sure that an employee only works over one time once a week. There is a training manager in coca cola who trains employees from ages 16-65. They never stop training and they have to train themselves continuously.


Production department helps improve the products. Managers help others in their work in the production department and they guide them through their jobs. They tell the employees in that department what to do and they produce new ideas and alternative to the company. Their main target is to only loose about £10000 a year of yield and £2000 a week. They also help to improve machines. They have a microbiologist in the coca cola company. He inspects the hygiene, in the production line and the raw material. He checks for contamination like moulds, bacteria and coli foam, he checks normal hygiene as well. Costic and parasitic acid removes the debris from inside the vessels and sterilizes it; he makes sure that this is still not in it while making the product. All areas are checked by a swab before production and the documents have to be checked by him.

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They have around 300 people working in the production department in coca cola and around 47,735 people working in McDonalds. Comparing this to coca cola there is a big difference. This shows that machines have taken over in coca cola but not in McDonalds. This also tells us that coca cola has grown and developed faster than the tertiary sector that is McDonalds. Coca cola make 24,000 drinks per hour.


In the administration department they have to do the filing and arrangements to see people. The PA Wendy Savides aim is to make sure that the ...

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