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'The Soundtrack to my life'

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English Coursework - 'The Soundtrack to my life' Music is a love of mine; I can say that I cannot really go through a day without listening to some music. Through Primary school I rarely listened to any music. The most my musical genre would step to would be that of steps, blue and s-club 7, some of the cheesiest pop music you will ever here. These days the main music I like is that of Rock, my music taste ranges that from pop bands like McFly to heavy metal such as Slipknot. So I would say I have a diverse music range. I can't really stand hip hop or rap, some can be alright, but most is the same repeated beat with someone talking on top of it. I only really started getting really into music at the end of Year 7, as this is when I got my first MP3 player. Most of the music I really like reminds me of memories in the summer as this is my favourite time of year, meaning most happy memories that are related with music are in the summer. One of the main songs that every time I hear, really reminds me of the past is, Good Charlotte's chronicles of life and death. This song is up their with my favourite songs of all time as it delivers a real poignant message and the lyrics really mean something, while in today's music, the lyrics are poorly written to get a one hit wonder. ...read more.


On the coach I will always remember how it was around 3:00 AM in the morning, but I couldn't sleep because I felt so dirty and smelly from being on the coach for around twelve hours so I just picked up my I pod, and watched the music video of High School Never Ends. I even when I felt very dirty, smelly and tired, Bowling for Soup managed to bring me out of my misery and put me in the world of happiness that they bring. The song 'The New Transmission' by Lost Prophets, is one song that when I listen to really reminds me of the times I have been to Wales. The main reason for this is that Lost Prophets are a welsh band, but I only really started liking them last year when I went too Wales with a friend of mine. The main thing I enjoy about this piece of music is the main riff that holds the song together on guitar. I enjoy this riff as its simple but sound great and I think that lost prophets use it very well in that song. Also at the start of the song the first three lines are: Take, take, take all my time, all my company Take everything from me Fake, fake, fake all these things that you say to me Nothing that I want to believe These lyrics just make me feel warm inside, but not because of the way they are spoken it is the way they are said by Ian Watkins (Lead Singer). ...read more.


they sleep with a gun And keep an eye on your son So they can watch all the things you do This describes teenagers being kept under control, by saying that they keeping an eye on teenagers. But when you get to the chorus it shows that the teenagers rebel, we know this from the line: So darken your clothes Or strike a violent pose This is how the present is for most teenagers and how it will continue into the future, with adults trying to keep teenagers under control, but with them always rebelling and striking back at adults. This song is very easy to listen to and I believe that what makes it so easy to listen to is that the words are pronounced very clearly, and the song paints many pictures in your head as you listen to it. Music is my life and I have a lot of songs that I believe describe my life, so it has been hard picking and describing only these ones. I prefer rock when it comes to music, but will expand to other genres. I can't get though a day without listening to one piece of music; this makes music one of the main things in my life and is very important to me. Music reminds me of happy times, such as the summer, and because of this I love listening to music and it gives me many songs that I can put into the soundtrack to my life. ...read more.

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