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The symbols in "Forrest Gump".

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Janis Lasmanis 11.sb The symbols in "Forrest Gump". "Forrest Gump is one of the most amazing movies ever seen. After watching it one can come to realize several cognitions because the picture is saturated with many symbols. It seems that the movie all together is a bunch of symbols. First of all the main character is a symbol of naturalism and innocence. Also other characters have many symbolic meanings, and of course one can recognize several symbols in the cognitions characters have made. Forrest Gump is the symbol of innocence and naturalism. Others regarded Gump as stupid jus because he was so right - all the good characteristics were gathered in him. Forest was as innocent as child, he had no selfishness in him and every decision Forrest made came straight from his heart. He did no calculations at all what his action will cause in future. If Forrest decided to run - he ran; if he decided to go to army - he did. ...read more.


Also other characters in movie were symbolic. Some of them were represented as a part of society in one particular person. The most important were Jenny and lieutenant Dan but there were also others. Jenny wants to become a popular musician. When she tries to accomplish it she realizes how this all actually works in real life, so she brakes and turns to drugs and even tries to kill herself. Probably with her the producer tried to show the young people of that time. They did not know what they want to do in life and all they had were their dreams. And when they had to turn to real life they just could not stop dreaming. When they realized this, it was already too late, so they broke down. Luckily with Jenny it was different because Forrest saved her with his love and care. Other important character was lieutenant Dan. He represents that part of society which Americans call war veterans. ...read more.


And sometimes it may turn out that the ones that are the most beautiful are not the tastiest. Other cognition that came from Forrest's mother is, that one can tell a lot about people by their shoes - where they go, where they have been. This symbolizes the experience of life, not the one the school can teach, not the one mother can tell, but the one that is experienced with own feet running through dust and mud. I really enjoyed watching this movie, because there are so many verities that everyone can find one for himself and interpret as he wishes to. I think that the picture is a big barrel of symbols. They are in the characters, even the ones that are the background characters, and of course in the cognitions and speech of them. Possibly the movie as a whole is a symbol of the America in the 2nd half of 20th century, but only from a perspective of one special individual, leaving the historical events in the background, but still showing how he participated in them, and maybe how he affected some of them...Or maybe showing how the coincidences affected the history. ...read more.

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