The V-chip and Parental Control of Children's TV Viewing.

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Gregory Calame

Professor Harris

MCA 101 – Section 1FG

10 March 2011

        The role of media within society can be rather influential, and to an extent shape the idea and/ or actions of a society. Children and teenagers are the two groups, which are influenced by mass media the most this is why some parents choose to regulate what there children watch on television. In January 2000, when the Federal Communications Commission mandated that the V-Chip (term used for television receivers allowing the blocking of programs based on their ratings category) be installed in all televisions 13- inches or larger, parental control over media became easier then ever. Despite this mandate made by the FCC, many still feel that this device is not enough and that the government and television broadcasters should due more to regulate.

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        Although, many consumers feel that the V-Chip is not enough and that broadcasters should further regulate their programming, this is not correct. The V-Chip if used correctly, along with parental advisement is largely effective. The broadcasters should not have to change or regulate their programming for a certain group of consumers, because most likely there is a larger group, which enjoys the programming. As long as the broadcaster follows guidelines issued by the FCC they should not have to alter there programming because of poor parenting skills or because of a group of radicals whom feel television should be stuck ...

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