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The Values Of Online Recruitment To Organisations

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The Values Of Online Recruitment To Organisations Technological innovation has had a great effect on businesses, it influences the way organisations are run. It has brought vital changes to all functions of a business, such as new production lines for operations, or intelligent software to calculate financial data. Choosing the right people to operate these highly advanced equipments become a crucial factor of Personnel, regardless of the size or the structure of the organisation. Not only does new technology emphasise the importance of recruiting the best people for new or existing positions, it also helps finding them. The Internet has changed the way of staffing forever. Parallel with conventional methods, online, or e-recruitment is used more and more increasingly, reducing the length and the cost of recruitment. However, there is still some debate about the use and effectiveness of this sophisticated method of recruitment and selection. The aim of this essay is to assess the value of online recruitment to organisations. After introducing the main methods of recruitment, particularly the online way, the essay focuses on the key advantages and disadvantages of e-recruitment, and the possible solutions for the problems. Some relevant case study can be found in the Appendices. After contacting a wide range of sources, I found that online recruitment is developing at such high speed, even two-year-old books seem to be out of date. Therefore I used my own work experience, interviewed a specialist, and extracted the most useful points of the issue from recent specialist journals, printed and online magazines and the CIPD's website. They are listed in the Bibliography at the end of the essay. ...read more.


Some organisations prefer to post their vacancies on the net, but not on their own websites. The solution for them is using an online recruitment medium, these are run by existing recruitment agencies (Armstrong 2001) or specialised online recruitment sites. The sector started developing in the 1990s, and after a phenomenal growth, by 2000 the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) recognised that they need a single body to guard the sector, therefore they launched AOLR, Association of Online Recruiters. Their main aim was to promote online recruitment issues and deliver improved standards to the sector (Onrec.com Archive 2005). The way these websites work helps both recruiters and jobseekers. The latter can register their CVs, search the jobs advertised on the website, and apply online. The recruiting company can browse the uploaded CVs, or specify to the agency their requirements, then the online agency posts the job on their website, selects potential candidates whose abilities fit to the person specification, and the organisation continues the selection process. One of the biggest advantages of this type of recruitment is that there are niche online jobsites that can help overcome some economical problems. Mark Hepworth, managing director of JobsGroup.net argues that a serious skill shortage could be fixed through niche recruitment sites, such as JustEngineers.net, or JustRail.net. Simply, when is a skilled labour shortage in an industry, firms only have to look at the specialised website to find trained labour. According to NORAS (Recruitment Consultant Issue 31) some of the most popular online recruitment sites have over a million unique users per month. To manage all this information without technology would be a tremendously hard work. ...read more.


Nowadays main newspapers have an electronic version, where the advertisements placed in the printed version can also be seen. This is an excellent opportunity for SME's; they can link their website to the advertisement and use the advantages of online recruitment. Technological improvements, of course, are on the way too, some firms are using software, that filter the online application forms (See Appendix 1 for details). The very latest news to one concerned is a New9to5, a CV 'reader' was launched, and it helps to match jobseekers and recruiters by "reading CVs and extracting information with a high degree of accuracy, with no forms to fill out." (Recruitment Consultant, Issue 39). "This year's National Online Recruitment Audience Survey shows that e-recruitment is continuing to increase in importance....online recruitment is now more successful than ever." (Recruitment Consultant, Issue 31). Despite of the fact that online way of seeking vacancies is not every jobseekers first choice, many organisations recognised the advantages of this still new method of recruitment. If used well, it can save a significant amount of time and money. Organisations can use their own website, an online medium, or some media sites. It is vital to have relevant experience and a strategy to deal with the matter and use own website to solve recruitment and selection tasks. If it is not well organise, companies may be flooded by useless application forms. Users must be careful and keep in mind that it is easy to breach the Data Protection Act 1998. Generally speaking the Internet has bought many excellent features to the way of recruiting human resources, and the drawbacks of the method are being prepared. ...read more.

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