'The World Is Not Enough' - The latest Bond.

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Beth Slater

'The World Is Not Enough' - The latest Bond

       James Bond films have a completely individual genre, their ongoing action style is different from any others of its kind. The Bond films are a very popular mainly British icon, although they do hold a global appeal. They are all made by MGM, holding a huge budget, which enables its ongoing success. Therefore, the director will try to meet the demands of the huge audience who have come to expect certain things from the film such as its iconography, eg. the contrast between good and evil characters, the constant sense of danger and the race against time, etc.

     The money supporting this 'Blockbuster' brings about expectation of spectacular effects, various locations, big high-status stars, sexy women, the well-known Bond theme tune, etc. However, the story line, the settings and the characters must all signify Bond and these particular expectations of the audience.

      The extract I have chosen to study is one of immense action and great suspense. We begin by viewing the meeting of the 'Bond girl' and the 'Bond villain'. The use of media language is therefore crucial at this stage in enabling the audience to understand the importance of these first key scenes.

     The first scene establishes the setting, a wide shot of an open location showing Bond landing in Kazakhstan. This is signified by their landing, on a dusty airstrip, with graphics to give the location on screen. The Bond theme tune is meanwhile playing in the background, connoting that Bond has arrived in the foreign territory and that there may soon be danger on its way. This is signified by the exposed airstrip and 'warning' music that we are used to in these situations.

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      Bond then travels to the key location in which the scene is further set, with further establishing shots which are important in giving the audience a clearer pictur of where the action will take place and who will be involved. This suspense and danger is signified mainly by the people who Bond shares a jeep with all with shaven heads,  wearing dark overalls, portraying of course an evil darkness. The changing of the music further emphasises this point in which it increases in pace and adds to the present situation by the special effects of explosions in ...

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