There are many pro (for) and con (cheat) when it comes to reality TV

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There are many pro (for) and con (cheat) when it comes to reality TV. Audiences all around the world have many different opinions of reality TV today. Many think that reality TV is just a form of entertainment to watch every night and others think that it is a waste of time. In New Media class, we have been looking at both sides and deciding whether or not we are pro or con.

Some people think that reality TV is a wonderful form of entertainment. Over the years, we as an audience have watched Real World, Road Rules, Survivor, Big Brother, etc. and now every season there are new shows such as Who Wants To Marry a Millionare?, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Mole, etc. that are drawing audiences of all ages in every night for at least an hour.

Survivor is one of those shows that people love to watch, because they enjoy watching these 16 cast members suffer and they love as an audience to guess who will be voted off next. This season, Survivor is taking place in the Pearl Islands, and by watching this show, some audience members are learning about parts of the world that they never knew before. This show also offers an insight into human relationships that will never been seen in a normal sitcom, because there is no script. To film shows like Survivor, or Real World, they are supposedly "cheaper than fiction". Many people call these shows "dramalities", a mix between drama and reality television. Reality television also has the ability to represent certain groups of people.

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As many pros that there might be about reality television, there are many downsides to it as well. Shows like these incourage things such as cheating, lying, and stealing .. all to be rewarded with money. A perfect example of this was on the first episode of this seasons Survivor. One group left their shoes in their raft while they went off to buy items in the village. Without realizing, they had also left their stuff near another group, so of course the group took their shoes and went to sell them, so they could get more stuff. In the ...

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