Thorpe Park marketing strategies

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Thorpe Park marketing strategies

To: Tom Brown

       Managing Director  

From: Jamie Meikle                                                        Date: 24/7/04

            Marketing Director

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I am writing this report to inform you about certain primary and secondary research I have done involving Thorpe Park. With this research I hope I can boost the parks annual turnover, customer satisfaction and popularity. In this report I will demonstrate how I have become of these results and how we can develop them.


I have been able to do this by overviewing the Internet and looking in the magazines and newspapers that include Thorpe Park and any of its marketing structure for both primary and secondary results.


Here is the primary and secondary research I have done

Primary research- investigating Thorpe Parks marketing structure

I have carried out research on some of the most important segments of marketing, which the parks marketing staff have undertaken into consideration before now.

I have overviewed the television and sky advertising which I must say are very effective.

The leaflets and flyers that Thorpe Park produces and which can be acquired in the park also how it encourages entering customers to make a return visit to the park at a later date.

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The billboard and poster fragment of there marketing will need looking at.

There Internet advertising strategy which is already well founded has been looked at.

On my visit to Thorpe Park I ask some of the quests what they could like to see new in Thorpe Park and how they would like to see it improved.

I looked at hotel accommodation near the park and how a Park hotel would greatly improve the parks local reach, the park popularity and customer satisfaction.

Secondary research- investigating Thorpe parks marketing structure

The secondary research which I have undertaking ...

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