To What Extent Do Music Videos Give an Accurate Representation of Young Women of Today?

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Roshni Sharma

To What Extent Do Music Videos Give an Accurate Representation of Young Women of Today?

In the earlier part of the last century, women were portrayed with elegance, poise and sophistication. Women like Audrey Hepburn, Bridget Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor were not only seen as beauty icons, but also as true personalities who were idolised by the female world. Music videos, in films, showed innocent love between couples, quite often dancing with a view of a beautiful landscape. Women today, though still idolised, are portrayed in a completely different light. With the establishment of women’s suffrage and the rise of feminism, the representation of women has changed. Music videos today portray women as sex symbols; as each video is released, the women seem to be trashier than in the previous one. The natural beauty that used to be seen in the eyes of our idols has gone; now we can see a star captured my glamour, enveloped in make-up and stylish clothes and with an artificial figure of curves and long legs. These videos do not give an accurate representation of women, as they do not show the lifestyle of the average young wife, mother, student or daughter of 2005.

The young woman of today is liberated, independent, dynamic, confident and above all, she is goal seeking. A career driven woman is motivated and wants to be successful, while a feminist strives for equality to men. Each woman has individuality, she exposes to the world her unique style influenced by her friends, environment and culture. In the world of music videos, only one type of woman is shown: a black or mixed race woman heavily made up with foundation, mascara and lip gloss. She wears clothes of extravagant designs, accentuating her voluptuous figure, which is untrue to everyday life. In my world, there is a wider variety of women, of different races and cultures, each with different figures and sizes. Women in my culture are modest and conservative, most importantly high on moral values. Some women may be strong-minded and brave to face the world; others may be dependent on their family. Generally, women like to gain respect from society. However, by pushing the women that appear in these videos in a category, we are automatically going to be stereotypical about their behaviour.

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The exaggerated and over the top illustration of women gives the youth of today negative information. Young girls will make every effort to obtain this “perfect figure and face”, which is only possible after cosmetic surgery and airbrushing with modern technology. Young girls will look up to these women and this puts enormous pressure on them, because they think that it’s right. They now start to believe that it is only acceptable to be a size 8 or 10; any bigger and they consider themselves fat. This image has become common; therefore young boys are expecting all girls to ...

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