Video Games and Consoles

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  Video Games and Consoles

The Video game industry is nowadays worth billions of dollars, over 70% of households in the country own a video games console.  Therefore a huge percentage of the population plays one; the trend of just children playing these machines is no longer present as people of all ages are playing consoles these days.

 This graph shows the percentage of people in America that play video games and it clearly shows people that play consoles under the age of 18 is 35%.  This then shows that a large population of children and teenagers are playing these consoles and this may result in such problems as, children exercising less and become obese at a young age and if these machines are played to a certain extent, people can feel socially isolated as they would much rather sit in doors and play with their consoles, instead of going out with friends and socialising.  However you could argue the case that video gaming is a revolutionary form of entertainment as it can help people with learning and mental difficulties improve Cognitive skills and hand to eye co-ordination.  In contrast to people feeling socially isolated video gaming can bring some people together, a good example of this would be the annual video games E3 conference held in Los Angeles California.  Which enables people to interact with other gamers and designers, and gives them the chance to play the newest titles going to be released.

In addition to that, there are numerous video games events hosted around the world promoting people playing together, but the ever growing element of online gaming with consoles means people are continuing to stay indoors and interact with millions of other gamers around the world via their home console.

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However one of the most worrying things regarding social issues if the increase in video games which are being released with an 18 certificate, a while ago there was a case reported in the press where a boy of 16 killed another boy because of something he seen in a computer game, the finger of blame was pointed at the publishers of this certain title and many people were furious that a boy of 16 was able to pick up and play one of these 18 rated games.  As a result of this, the game involved was taken of ...

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