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Visual basic project of the booking system

Extracts from this document...


VISUAL BASIC PROJECT OF THE BOOKING SYSTEM CARLOS ALBERTO MONTOYA HNC SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (FAST TRACK). LECTURER: IAN EMMS TABLE OF CONTEST TABLE OF CONTEST 2 ASSIGNMENT 5 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 6 DESIGN LAYOUT 7 STAGE 1 11 STAGE 2 12 PROBLEMS WITH MY DESIGN AND CODE 13 SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS I FOUND ON MY DESIGN 16 FINAL CODES 33 ? CODES OR PROCESS FOR THE coursecode COMBO BOX 33 ? CODE IN ROOMS 1 LIST BOX 34 ? CODES IN THE roomnumber TEXT BOX 34 ? CODES IN THE cmdsave COMMAND BUTTON 36 ? CODES IN THE cmdload COMMAND BUTTON 43 ? CODES IN THE cmdprint COMMAND BUTTON 44 ? CODES IN THE cmdreset COMMAND BUTTON 48 ? CODES IN THE cmdabout COMMAND BUTTON 49 ? CODES IN THE cmdexit COMMAND BUTTON 49 ? CODES FOR cmdok BUTTON ON THE FRMABOUT FORM. 49 ? CODES FOR timer1 on booking system form. 49 ASSUMPTIONS 50 EVALUATION 51 REFERENCES 52 ASSIGNMENT A College requires a booking application for the Computer rooms in the college. The application needs to record the Tutor who wants to book the room, the course code for the class, the date of the booking, the start and finish times of the booking, the room number, the number of computers in the booked room that are required (this is dependent on the number of students in the class) and any specialist software required for a particular class i.e. Visual Basic, Select CASE Tool, Flash etc. Available Information: * Rooms T100, T229, T201, T232 each have 25 computers * Rooms T217, T212, T211, T221 each have 20 computers * Rooms T227, T223, T152 each have 15 computers * Course Code HCCISX0A - 21 Students * Course Code ZHMMMX1A - 23 Students * Course Code HCCISE1A - 18 Students * Course Code HCCISE2A - 13 Students * Course Code HCCISX0A - needs Visual Basic, Select and Flash * Course Code ZHMMMX1A - needs Visual Basic and Flash * Course Code HCCISE1A - needs Visual ...read more.


* To solve this problem I used a code to add item on the list box call bookinfo, this code will be place on all the command button the user is more likely to use. The code is the following: BOOKINFO.Clear BOOKINFO.AddItem "NAME: " + TextNAME.Text + " " + TextSURNAME BOOKINFO.AddItem "COURSE CODE: " + coursecode.Text BOOKINFO.AddItem "ROOM NUMBER: " + roomnumber.Text BOOKINFO.AddItem "DATE: " + comboday.Text + " " + combomonth + " " + comboyear BOOKINFO.AddItem "FROM: " + Combohour.Text BOOKINFO.AddItem "TO: " + Combohours.Text BOOKINFO.AddItem "NUMBER OF COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE AVAILABLE: " j) There is not message box that ask the user if the information they enter is correct. * All I have to do to achieve this is a message box with ok and a cancel button, this code will be place on the print command and the save command. The code I am going to use is the following: If MsgBox("IS THIS INFORMATION CORRECT?" + vbCrLf + _ "NAME: " + TextNAME.Text + " " + TextSURNAME.Text _ + vbCrLf + " COURSE CODE: " + coursecode.Text _ + vbCrLf + " ROOM NUMBER: " + roomnumber.Text _ + vbCrLf + "DATE: " + comboday.Text + " " + combomonth + " " + comboyear.Text _ + vbCrLf + "FROM: " + Combohour _ + vbCrLf + "TO: " + Combohours, vbOKCancel, _ "Save Record") = vbOK Then Dim filenumber As Integer filenumber = 1 Open "C:\BOOKING INFORMATION.TXT" For Append As #1 Print #1, vbCrLf Print #1, " THIS ROOM HAS BEEN BOOKED" Print #1, Date Call Shell("NOTEPAD.EXE C:\BOOKING INFORMATION.TXT") End if k) I do not think I need the information command button to find out what rooms are available with a course code. > The way to remove the information command button without altering the process of the program will be by creating four if ....then...elseif.....end if statements as a click event, that way when the user selects a course code that will automatically show all the rooms number available . ...read more.


lblhours.Caption = Format$(Time, "hh") End Sub ASSUMPTIONS > The college opens its doors at 8 o'clock in the morning, so booking start at the same time as well, the last booking has to be made before 18:30, the college closes its door at 21:00 o'clock. > All booking must be done a least a day before the actual date the room is needed. > All rooms must be booked for more a minimum of 15 minutes. EVALUATION Doing this project has been very hard because I did not have any knowledge of visual basic but reading some very good books gave me a big help. Overall I think my design cover pretty much all the angles in the validation, I assumed I was the user and looked a every single possibilities that came to my mind, like what happens if I don't select the course code but instead write my name on that combo box, what will the program do?. If the program continues then I have to write a validation where the program is expecting the information that is already store in the system and that exactly what I did. One of the most difficult things I found doing this project was working out the validation for the date, so that the user could booked rooms a date that has already passed. One thing that I would do different is start documenting every single change I made to the program from the moment I started it, it was very difficult recalling everything I did from the start. I have check my codes and design several times and the only thing I could enhance on the future is that if the user has already entered all the information but suddenly change any information like the date time etc, then I would show a message box asking the user if he/she wants to save the information that was there before he made the change. Apart from this, I really enjoy myself doing this assignment. ...read more.

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