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With reference to the opening sequence of Bram Stoker's Dracula, discuss Coppola's creation.

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"Francis Ford Coppola has reinvigorated the traditional vampire movie to make it appeal to a modern audience" With reference to the opening sequence of Bram Stoker's Dracula, discuss Coppola's creation. Francis Ford Coppola has reinvigorated the traditional vampire movie to make it more appeal to a modern audience. The movie is adapted from the Bram Stoker's novel called the 'Dracula'. He made changes in the story by adding a scene which exposes the audience to how and why Dracula turned evil. Coppola demonstrates this in the opening scene. The prologue sequence which was the added and the opening scene of the movie was used to appeal to a modern audience. My task is to analyse the prologue sequence of the movie and illustrate why Coppola succeeded in attracting the modern audience. He used the elements effectively to expose the Dracula story to the modern audience; he manipulated sound, cinematography, mise-en-scene and lightning. Coppola illustrates that the prologue is set in medieval times by the use of costumes and props. He builds up the vampire genre by using the medieval time period. He uses narrative devices to expose the background story on Dracula. I am going to discuss how he used different narrative devices and film elements to establish the theme and ideas which builds up the vampire genre. ...read more.


Narrative device was used to tell the story of what was happening in the movie and to show when and where it was set. It was also used to explain about the war and how is it related to Dracula. It also supported to show the relationship between Elizabeta and Dracula. Props were used to build up the environment of the locations; candles were used instead of lights because of the time period and to have a gothic feel. Map of Eastern Europe appear which showed where the movie was located. This was a good mise-en-scene because it clearly sets up the location which was Transylvania. Crosses were the most used props in the opening scene; it builds and supports the location which was the church or chapel. The main cross is an important part of the scene because Dracula stabs the cross to show that he turned against god. Its importance was highlighted by the size of the cross and the location of it in the chapel. Lots of candles were around that cross and it was the centre of attention in the chapel. The blood that came from the cross after it was stabbed established the horror theme and idea of the movie and showed Dracula as vampire because he drank the blood. ...read more.


The shot was a close up shot. This shot was contrasting to the 23rd shot of the prologue because stone made structure were bleeding which made it more appealing to the audience and made them eager to see what was going to happen next. I came to the conclusion that Coppola has achieved his aims to attract modern audience to the vampire genre by adding a prologue to the Dracula story which is not from the Bram Stoker's novel. Coppola got creative with the prologue and added background information about Dracula which was effective to attract the modern audience to go and watch this film. Elements used in the opening scene were very effective to establish the prologue of the movie. The mise en scene builds up the structure of the opening scene but it doesn't clearly attract the modern audience. Cinematography was used effectively and attracted the modern audience because it built a dramatic structure to the movie and it made the audience eager to see what was going to happen after the blood and the cross incident. The other elements of film built the genre of the movie and set the vampire theme of the movie and made the viewers think about what was going to happen next which is what the modern audience want to see in a movie Mohammad Fawad Yousuf 11U Mohammad Yousuf Media Coursework 11U Mohammad Yousuf 1 11U ...read more.

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