Youtube Video Analysis - comparing a Health and Safety video and one promoting Glasgow University.

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Analysis and Comparison

The first video I viewed was a health and safety video produced by Electricity Alliance aimed at their male employees. The video is encouraging employees to work safely and follow the correct safety precautions. The second video has been produced by Glasgow University to encourage students and parents to choose this particular institution of higher education. Both videos have been broadcasted on the popular internet site, the following list shows advantages and disadvantages to this particular way of broadcasting.


  • Anyone with access to the internet can view the video
  • Youtube is the number one website for video sharing, so anyone that uploads a video already has a large audience.
  • Any particular person or company can broadcast their video on the site for free
  • If the video becomes popular the company/person that uploaded the video doesn’t have to worry about Bandwidth (the amount of space available for transferring information from a website to a user’s computer) as youtube doesn’t have a limit.


  • Anyone that uploads a video to youtube loses control on where specifically the video will be displayed on the site.
  • Youtube displays similar videos around the particular video being played; in the case of the University video other university’s advertisements will be displayed.  
  • One video has a limit of 100mb
  • All youtube videos are converted to a screen resolution of 320 x 240. If you film in a higher resolution it will get downgraded.  

Several different camera shots are used in the health and safety video, these include close up and medium shot. By using medium shot the audience can see one or two characters and sometimes a part of the background. This is a suitable camera shot for this particular video as there is a storyline throughout the video. The audience can easily view the characters and the setting for a particular part of the story.  The second camera shot to be used frequently in this video is close up. Close ups are used in this particular video to make an ordinary situation seem more dramatic, for example a game of football, drinking at a bar and cooking all seem to be dramatic situations because of the fast paced close ups the scenes have been filmed with.

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Overall the health and safety video is fast paced and striking this contrasts with the slow motion falling object shown briefly throughout the video. The falling object has been filmed in a medium shot and falls from the tops of the shot to the bottom. The object is unknown to the audience until the accident is shown at the end of the video.

The video starts and ends with the company website animation, the first time it is displayed the website name fades out and the falling object appears. The transition is done smoothly as the background ...

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