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AS and A Level: Miscellaneous

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  1. The UK would benefit greatly from the wider use of referendums. Discuss.

    If politicians and parties seem distant from the people and unwilling to listen to them referendums are a means of restoring their faith in the democratic process allowing the will of the people to be expressed on an issue in the clearest possible manner. In addition, they encourage participation are the offer a more direct form of democracy. The wider use of referendums appears particularly desirable particularly in the light of low turnouts in general elections. Another argument for the wider use of referendums would make the electorate better informed on individual issues.

    • Word count: 869
  2. Alcohol and Tobacco

    Alcohol consumption seriously damages the liver, which can lead to liver cancer. It also rapidly changes blood glucose, causing hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Finally, alcohol raises blood pressure (causing heart attacks or strokes), leads to kidney disease, and can cause nervous disorders, in which balance and memory are impaired. Smoking tobacco can lead to heart disease, cancers of the mouth, throat, and lungs, and is detrimental to physical activity. Tobacco also contains nicotine, which causes addiction to smoking, and it can cause headaches, dizzziness, and anxiety/depression.

    • Word count: 932
  3. Waste minimisation in Singapore

    on the mainland. As a result, Singapore had to resort to building her first offshore landfill, Pulau Semakau, which started in operation on 1st April 1999 and is expected to last for about 40 years. It is now the only landfill in Singapore. Pulau Semakau Landfill In the long term, this is not sustainable. Firstly, our waste generation is increasing each year. This growth places considerable demand on waste management, disposal facilities and the environment - although incineration of waste can reduce the volume of waste to be finally disposed of, it produces large amounts of greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.

    • Word count: 1332
  4. Definition of a family

    Later in 1971, Burgess et al defined a family as "a group of persons united by the ties of marriage, blood or adoption" and Social Science defined a family as a group of "individuals who are related by affection, kinship, dependency or trust." All these different people have had a different idea on what families are, but are any of them wrong?

    • Word count: 423
  5. Production Report

    Before producing my magazine covers and double page spread, to get an idea of the conventions and codes of an existing magazine cover, I chose an existing cover design and analysed exactly how it worked, focusing on themes and what messages it gives out. Another element of my research was a breakdown of the layout of four existing covers, this showed me which aspects of the layout I could choose and which must be followed as conventions. I also looked at double page spreads in film magazines to see how the text and images were laid out.

    • Word count: 649
  6. Links between the art forms

    After practising a few times we added sound effects from a spring drum to add tension and make the scene more dramatic. The links between this piece of work and the other art forms are that the words of the passage were spoken in a rhythmic way almost like a spoken song. The actions performed by the outer formation of the semi-circle were all in unison, choreographed like a dance piece. The way that the rhythm and pace worked with the physicality of movements and sound created an enhanced effect.

    • Word count: 1367
  7. A2 English language and literature coursework

    '...The negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.' The effect of this is using powerful imagery in order for the audience to feel sympathetic towards the African Americans that had been suffering. Instead of just stating that the "negro's" are suffering, he uses abstract nouns to visually describe the effect. In contrast to the substantial text, I have chosen two supporting texts to investigate the similarities and differences of speech, planned and unplanned speech and scripted speech. For my supporting text, I have chosen an interview between champion boxer Muhammad Ali and opponent Chuck Wepner on the Michael Douglas show broadcasted in 1975.

    • Word count: 1983
  8. Health and Safety

    Am going to tell you the five ways to behave in a work shop. Firstly you should be sensible in a workshop and when entering the workshop and lesson to the person who is telling you what to do. If you behave in a bad way then you won't know what you're doing with the machines and you could end up hurting your self or ending up dying. Secondly you should not be touching machinery that you never used before because you don't know what you're doing and you could hurt your self. The time you should touch a machine is when you had experience and when some one showed you how to use the machine and you know what you're doing.

    • Word count: 1732
  9. Personal statement. Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them. said James A. Michener. For me, this quote explains why I want to go into the engineering field because I want to design, construct and make things.

    My studies over the past two years, particularly in the mechanics modules of my maths course, have reinforced my passion in this area. What I have learned in physics also provides me with answers to the questions that puzzled me for all those years, such as why roofs incorporated a triangulated structure. It is now clear that engineering is what I want to do for my future career. This summer, I was lucky to have a chance to work in a construction company.

    • Word count: 638

    On May 1998, Chief Supt Peter Gammon who is the president of the Police superintendents Association says that there should be the establishment of a NDNAD for the whole population, this would have both a positive and negative effect on society as criminals can be caught quicker, it would take less time to find criminals but also it could have a negative effect as it would mean that innocents people DNA would be kept on the NDNAD and it could be seen as an invasion of people's privacy.

    • Word count: 767
  11. Personal statement. I particularly enjoy studying Mathematics, and so it was natural that I should choose to take Double Mathematics at A level. My understanding of Mathematics is that it is a subject which combines abstract theory with real life.

    Mathematical and statistical models are powerful tools for solving real world problems. I am keen to apply mathematical approaches to my further study of Mathematics and Management at university. A ten year education in China has provided me with a solid basis in the subject. I enjoy the excitement I always gain from solving complicated mathematical problems. Last year I took part in the UK Senior Mathematics Challenge and I was awarded a silver certificate and missed the gold certificate by just three marks. In the past year I feel I have progressed well in Economics.

    • Word count: 595
  12. Theoretical Perspectives

    2008: 17), also known as the bosses, or ruling class, and the workers, or working class. Thus, the education system we currently use is merely training the future working class of society, while the bourgeoisie, or bosses, are born in to their role within society and inherit all the benefits that come with it. The same structure is mirrored in education, with teachers adopting the role of the bourgeoisie and students taking on the role of the proletariat. This is also argued by Bowles and Gintis who stated that "the major role of education in capitalist societies is the reproduction of labour power."

    • Word count: 2339
  13. Un viaje en micro

    Sacamos nuestros apuntes y juntas, repasamos un poco. Al llegar a unas cuadras del colegio, veo un auto y un cami�n dirigirse hacia donde nosotros nos encontrabamos, sin detenerse en absoluto. Trat� de bajarme del micro, para irme caminando, viendo venir el peligro. Sent�a los nervios y la adrenalina correr por mi interior. Esper� y esper�, hasta que lo siento. El impacto sucedi�, y lentamente pierdo el conocimiento. Despierto de golpe, para verme ilesa, al igual que los dem�s arriba del micro.

    • Word count: 260
  14. La Biomimtrie

    Le monde industriel a commenc� � fabriquer des structures et des mat�riaux qui �taient distingu�s de ceux de la nature. Le biomim�tisme actuellement devient tr�s populaire et les scientifiques croient que c'est l'�ge d'or pour les technologies bioinspir�es. C'est � cause des avancements de la science comme la microscopie et une aspiration � la durabilit� que le biomim�tisme devient plus r�pandu. Les premi�res inventions bioinspir�es avec succ�s sont le Velcro et la r�alisation d'un train japonais qui est super a�rodynamique en 1950.

    • Word count: 2904
  15. Creative Piece - Cheating Death

    I cannot fear more than death. No thoughts allowed, the nature of the mind is restrained to white space. You cannot hide the pure desire for emptiness as the guilty thoughts explore your mind. Wishing to stay awake, for that second longer, I can never reach the switch to rescue life again. A part of me knows, one day, just maybe, one day, I can return to life. Perceiving the world through faded eyes implants the immoral statuses within. Trying to seek the truth beneath your eyes, the breathing flames numb my heart. To see you infected, by this senseless tumour, persisting never to let go.

    • Word count: 1700
  16. Distinguish between direct and representative democracy

    This differs to representative democracy as the citizens have less control, meaning elected representative's use their superior knowledge and judgement, this avoiding emotional and hasty decisions made by the people. Representative democracy also varies from direct democracy as representatives of parties are able to mediate between the interests of different sections of society. Direct democracy means the opinion of the majority always are successful, meaning minorities are overlooked and made vulnerable.

    • Word count: 381
  17. Modest Proposal

    But when the readers reached the part where he proposes his solution to the malady, they felt he was out of his mind! This was an eye opener for the Britishers, and it wasn't too hard for them to realize that he was making fun of them and they were offended. His proposal might have sounded preposterous, but he intended it to be satiric and it was! Swift's writing was very effective and helped enhance his purpose. One of the strategies that Swift uses to draw the reader's attention is by using a lot of details and imagery to clearly present his points enabling the readers to have a better understanding.

    • Word count: 931
  18. Contemporary Construction - Economics and Finance

    Bigger companies will be more concentrated on big projects due to the Olympics. Therefore, small-scale companies now have the chance to take on bigger projects than they usually have. It's up to them to weigh-out the opportunity cost of either accepting bigger projects or just staying within the limits of their comfort zone. 3. Price Mechanism Price mechanism is one way of regulating and allocating resources. It is a way of matching up offers that market players bid and ask. A bid is an offer to pay a fix amount while an ask is an offer to sell for a fix amount.

    • Word count: 3404
  19. What is life?

    In this game there is no manual, just some rules that you have to learn to play. It is a game because it changes every time, sometimes you win or sometimes you lose, but it depends on you if you learn, if you enjoy, if you have fun with this pretty game, also it is hard sometimes, full of rocks, and big walls that don't let you see what is on the other side. As persons, we judge, we say a thousands of things of the other players that we don't know, because we are afraid of them, afraid of them being better than us, but we don't admit that, as when we fall, we don't want

    • Word count: 859
  20. Travel options to Paris and Manhattan

    * Collects data which no other business will have access to (the results are confidential). * In the case of online surveys and telephone interviews, the data can be obtained quite quickly (think about how quickly political opinion polls come out). The main disadvantages of primary research are that it: * Can be difficult to collect and/or take a long time to collect. * Is expensive to collect. * May provide miss-leading results if the sample is not large enough or chosen with care; or if the questionnaire questions are not worded properly. The primary research that I will use during this task will be face-to-face interviews, so I can ask specific questions to people, who have preferably travelled to one of the destination I am looking into.

    • Word count: 6296
  21. Rules To Explain The Importance When Observing Children

    * Perception. It is clear that we should be aware of the way we perceive things when observing children. It is important that we don't jump to conclusions based on what we perceive but rather on what we have objectively explored. For example, if two people are observing the same child they may pick up different things and see things differently. * Attitudes. Our attitudes, values and beliefs may affect our approach to our research. Attitudes may be positive or negative.

    • Word count: 670
  22. san juan culture

    El Morro is a labyrinth of tunnels, barracks, guard posts and traps. The Cathedral of San Juan-The Cathedral, founded in 1521, is one of the most important in the Caribbean. Calle Cristo- The streets of Old Dan John are made of cobblestones, blue stones used as weight in Spanish ships The Parque de las Palomas- is surrounded by the wall of San Juan and from there observe magnificent

    • Word count: 2174
  23. Implementing high school dropout vocational and training program

    The same report states over the course of a high school dropouts' life he or she will earn around $260,000 less than the average high school graduate (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2009). Public figures often address the situation and demand more effort to ensure youth receive at minimum a high school diploma. The proposed program fundamental objective is to provide a program designed consistently to meet the challenges of the economy and to fully unit the community at the deepest level by providing vocational and basic skills program to high school dropouts.

    • Word count: 1221
  24. How has Market Liberalism shaped our culture and society?

    Raymond Williams believes that 'culture is ordinary' and includes everything in day to day life. Society is a group of people who live under the same economic/social structure, while society is just the people; culture is broader, including the products of society along with the people who make the products such as buildings and also the practises of these people. In our society people over 18 have the freedom to democratically vote for which political party we have in power. The current political party in power is the (New) Labour government which have been described as a 'third way' party.

    • Word count: 817
  25. Morality of Slavery

    He was considered by many, including himself to be an avid abolitionist, even though he owned many slaves. Jefferson gained rights to his slaves by mortgages and debt. He was not allowed to release and free his slaves until he was debt free, which never happened. In Jefferson's most famous piece of work throughout his long political career, Jefferson wrote about the morality of men, whether free or enslaved. His document, The Declaration of Independence, was based on the morals he was taught, including those about equality. Although there are many arguments concerning the morality of slavery, things such as the demoralization of the person, the forceful work without benefits, the religious aspect of ownership, and the governmental view seem to be the forerunners.

    • Word count: 2242

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