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AS and A Level: Miscellaneous

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  1. Mule killers

    This makes the relations between the narrator and the readers more intimate and makes the narrator reliable. There is a chronological order throughout the story. Direct speech is used a couple of times, but does not dominate the story. Again it is simply the narrator telling his father's moving story. Despite the narrators comments, he is quite objective in his storytelling, it doesn't seem like he hates Eula or any of the characters, and it doesn't seem like he pity his father that much. The story takes place at the time tractors started to take over the farming and therefore setting mules out of work.

    • Word count: 1032
  2. the great girl deficit, in india

    * In the year 1999 the sex ratio value was 936 girls and women to every 1000 boys and men. * According to the more recent official Indian Census of 2001, there were 927 girl babies for every 1000 boy babies nationwide. * Towards the north-west of the country the sex ratio suffers more, with states such as Haryana having a sex ratio of only 865 girls and women to every 1000 boys and men and Punjab where the sex ratio is 880 females to every 1000 males.

    • Word count: 2457
  3. Disscuss the advantages adn disadvantages of different methods of solid waste disposal

    Land raising is where pre-dug holes in the ground are filled with rubbish. Landfill on the other hand has the bottom of the pit lined with layers of compacted clay or high density plastic, which is a major advantage in reducing leachates. The waste is then compacted by soil to prevent vermin, stop odours and is capped by clay to seal the landfill. The waste is also compacted to stop air pockets and methane build up, and to decrease subsidence.

    • Word count: 767
  4. types of childrens behaviour

    Diet and nutrition Nutritional diaries and checklists Food issues An example of food issues is if the child has an allergy or intolerance to certain food types. For example in my last placement there was a child who had intolerance to cheese as it made him hyperactive but as he liked cheese his mum still gave it to him. Environmental factors Housing Local facilities Geopathic stress Electrical influences Lack of routine An example of a lack of routine is that a child having no routine will have disrupted sleep patterns which could result in tiredness and argumentative or withdrawn behaviour.

    • Word count: 1488
  5. types of child abuse

    It could also be if the child doesn't want to sit down or seems to 'wince' when putting pressure on part of the body, and another sign is if the child is reluctant to be with their parent or another carer as this could indicate that the child is afraid of the person. Sexual abuse is when "the adult uses the child in order to gratify their sexual desires. This could involve intercourse or anal intercourse; it may involve watching pornographic material with the child.

    • Word count: 1662
  6. how children are affected by ill health

    2006. p.355). * Their diet may be affected due to a lack of nutrients while they are ill. One way of minimising this is to offer the child small and frequent snacks to encourage them to eat and to gain some of the nutrients they are missing. * They may suffer hair loss, or other side effects as a result of their treatment. This can be distressing for the child but "wigs or baseball caps can be worn to reduce the embarrassment" and this is a way of minimising this effect of the child's illness. (Tassoni, P. et Al.

    • Word count: 3334
  7. causes of ill health in children

    (Meggitt, C. 2001. p.11). Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen a baby receives through the placenta and even if a mother stops smoking when she realises she is pregnant the oxygen amount may already have been decreased causing a risk to the unborn baby. Smoking can lead to learning difficulties in the baby, and there is a higher chance the baby will develop asthma or respiratory problems later on which could result in them missing school for hospital care. Smoking during birth also affects birth weight due to the release of nicotine and other substances in the body and could lead to learning difficulties as a result of a slower developmental rate.

    • Word count: 1683
  8. child abuse and legislation

    2006. p.12). If a child discloses information to you then it is important to listen carefully to what the child is saying and to take everything that they say seriously. "Allow the child to tell you about what has happened, without stopping them or asking for more details. You may repeat things that the child said in an enquiring tone, where you are not sure about something, but do not ask them any questions." (Flynn, H. et Al. 2004.

    • Word count: 2683
  9. Human Behaviour 1, Explain the various approaches to psychology and the people who pioneered them

    The dogs had associated the sound with their food. B.F. Skinner Later discovered another type of conditioning. Operant conditioning. This study meant that a pigeon learnt to peck a leaver in order to get a reward (a seed). Classical condoning involves no link between the dog's response and a reward. For example, the dog does not get food because it salivates. Operant conditioning links the response, the pecking of a lever, to a reward. The animal therefore must do something to get the reward.

    • Word count: 1663
  10. Task 5 Motivating people

    Democratic Leadership This style of leadership is team centred. The leader is a facilitator and an organiser. It is up to the team to come up with ideas. All the team then discusses these and an agreement is then reached by a consensus or by voting. You should always go with the majority. They are motivated because it is their own collective wishes, and they have all been consulted and listened to. Sanctions come from the group rather than the leader. The reward is the acceptance of their ideas by the group; the punishment is the rejection of their ideas.

    • Word count: 1694
  11. The developement of the Travel & Tourism indutry

    After the end of the Second World War the industry started to kick off again, with seaside resorts being rebuilt and people were back taking holidays, increasing the employment and visitor numbers. In the 1950's the government introduced a new Act which allowed all employees to take two week's holiday each year, and also to the decline of workers in the industrial industry it led to the majority of people working shorter hours which also led to workers taking more holiday.

    • Word count: 3244
  12. Ownership of the T & T industry

    They can arrange the flights & accommodation to the passports and visas. They can also take care of a corporations travel like for example HSBC; a company like American Express could deal and supply them with all their travel needs. There are three categories that travel agencies fall under, they are: 1. Independent - Single owner-managed enterprises, normally only 1 outlet for example Lewes Travel 2. Multiple - Companies that operate a chain of retail outlets under a single brand name e.g. Thomas Cook. 3. Miniple - Companies with a small number of branches in a particular geographical location, normally up to a maximum of 10.

    • Word count: 5415
  13. AS: Science for Public Understanding: Should we go back to Nuclear Power?

    The peak period of nuclear plant construction was right up to Chernobyl, but afterwards its rate slowed and quickly levelled out. With nuclear plants being closed down eventually the market went into a gradual decline. Gas and Oil power increased with the extra demand for electricity and inevitably so did the prices. Experts argue that we are on the edge of a major energy crisis and now there is an even bigger threat, the threat of global warming. With the newfound threat, one that seems a lot more imminent than the decline in fossil fuel reserves, the Kyoto protocol was fully enforced; as of February 16th 2005 it became mandatory for all its signatories.

    • Word count: 1255
  14. 'In relation to current areas of Probation, how is the work with offenders affected by the changes within the probation service'?

    Many of the most regular offenders face complex, multiple and inter-related problems, and sorting out these issues one at a time will not work, they need to be managed in the round, with interventions planned and put in the right order. Due to offenders experiencing many different relationships during their sentence the offender may feel that they are being passed from pillar to post. This type of experience is likely to be ineffective, it could even be counter-productive. So an offender manager can actually be seen as a broker, acting as a co-ordinator and monitor of the various services to be provided.

    • Word count: 985
  15. Fire investigation; the triangle shirtwaist factory fire trial

    Therefore, the gas lighter could have been a source of ignition if it was dropped. Another source of ignition could have been a cigarette. If it was not put out properly and was dropped, it could start the fire. Lastly, candles may have caused the fire because back in those days there would have been candles on each workbench so that the workers could see what they were doing because there were no lights back then. Due to there being candles around if one was knocked/ dropped it could have fell onto the rags on the floor causing the fire to start.

    • Word count: 1553
  16. Forensic Photography: Selection of Equipment'

    This would allow the background and foreground to be captured. Also it's a good lens for taking photos in a small area with restricted room. For all the smaller items of evidence a close-up lens would be needed. For example it would be used when photographing finger prints and blood spatter as to get a good close-up of it. Also a ruler would be appropriate for measuring the evidence as you would take photos without it then place the ruler next to the piece of evidence and photograph like that.

    • Word count: 1111
  17. Skiing Speech - The Arguement against helmets

    It is Snowsport GB policy to follow FIS rulings unless there are good reasons not to. Snowsport GB accepts these rule changes without reservation. I have found a good reason, you look like an idiot. The FIS does state that the rule laid down by the skiing association does not in any way replace the obligation on the skier/racer to be responsible for his/her own choice of equipment. Which basically means you can do what you like but it's not our fault if you get hurt.

    • Word count: 658
  18. How effectively and efficiently a group or an individual would perform the task provided

    "As commonly used, individual refers to a person or to any specific object in a collection. In the 15th century and earlier, and also today within the fields of statistics and metaphysics, individual means "indivisible", typically describing any numerically singular thing, but sometimes meaning "a person". (q.v. "The problem of proper names")." (Abbs 1986, cited in Klein 2005, p.26-27). As the definition states, individual refers to a single person. So, the work done by an individual totally depends upon the individual himself. S\He is the only one to overcome through all the work loads. S\He is the one who can make the result of the work good or bad.

    • Word count: 2010
  19. Cassius Clay - analogy

    Hopkins Parker in 1940. 3 He had an odd feeling that he could beat Parker's record, and he did. 1 He beat the record by seven seconds. After Gene told him the good news, Finny yelled, "My God! So I really did it. You know what? I thought I was going to do it. It felt as though I had that stopwatch in my head and I could hear myself going just a little bit faster than A. Hopkins Parker." 2 The fact that Finny could beat the record with no training and little or no effort is amazing.

    • Word count: 1549
  20. Affirmative Action

    This issue is constantly being debated between both political and social groups. In order to see whether or not the implementation of affirmative action actually causes some groups to be denied opportunities while other groups are granted opportunities solely on the basis of their status in society, it is necessary to examine both the positive and negative effects it has had on society. Minority groups such as African Americans, Asians, and women are the main factions in today's society that have reaped the most benefits from affirmative actions. This can be seen with the increase in admission rates for ethnic minorities in undergraduate and graduate schools of education and an increase in salaries and job promotions for women.

    • Word count: 1021
  21. My decision to apply for a degree in Business is due to my desire to aim for a career in the marketing and finance sectors

    During this course, I have gained a whole range of skills such as new IT skills, working with others, presentation skills etc. I have also gained business knowledge through the Creative Product Promotion unit I studied. This unit made me to understand how businesses start up, and also learning how to use different promotion techniques and advertising to gain customers. I particularly enjoyed this unit because it allowed me to use my creativity to think of a successful launch of my business.

    • Word count: 671
  22. Applying for Degree in Drama and Performing Arts

    I really want to study this university course as like above, it gives me a passion, a passion I'd like to further explore. In my first term of GCSE Drama we did a short play on asylum seekers, I was really worried that I was going to laugh and nervous I'd slip up. Once we started acting I was almost in a trance of worry when suddenly our piece was over. Later the teacher took me to the side and told me how impressed she was at my acting.

    • Word count: 656
  23. Youth Drivers in New Zealand

    Numerous drink-driving campaigns aimed at youths such as Students Against Driving Drunk (S.A.D.D) have made the New Zealand public aware of the risks involved in driving drunk. But still more and more youths drink and drive. This is a well-known fact. The bodies of young people cannot handle the levels of alcohol present in their systems and once they get behind the wheel of a vehicle they are endangering everyone in their vicinity. Where one beer may be fine for a fully grown adult to drink with little or no effect on them, this one beer may be enough to get some teens drunk.

    • Word count: 913
  24. Assess the contribution of Postmodernism to our understanding of society

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  25. Outline the main changes and developments in American Stage Music from “Showboat” to “West Side Story”.

    It included issues such as drink addiction, gambling problems, and the recurring issue of racism, a theme that would feature quite prominently in later productions such as "Porgy & Bess" and "West Side Story". As Mike Krueger put it; "The history of the American Musical, quite simply, is divided into two eras: everything before "Showboat," and everything after "Showboat". The arrival of "Showboat" shattered and rebuilt almost every aspect of American Theatre Music. From the moment the curtain was raised on the show's opening night, the audience could quite clearly see that it was no stereotypical show.

    • Word count: 2466

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