Researching university options for event management courses.

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Researching Opportunities for Higher Education

After working for 6 years in a full time retail position, I decided to leave and pursue another career. This drastic change with impact my life greatly, mainly financially. At my previous job I received a substantial wage due to being in a management position but I was not entirely satisfied with the job. The new career I have chosen is event management, specifically in the music industry. I already have relevant experience as this is something I currently do in my spare time but feel I have taken it as far as I can with the knowledge I currently have. In this report I will be providing information on the different choices that are suitable to me accounting for location and funding sources available to me.


 BSc (honours) event management

  • Plymouth university for a 3 year course
  • Optional placement year after year 2 bringing it up to a 4 year course
  • Course cost is £9,000 a year
  • Entry requirements are GCSE Maths and English (grade C or above) Access to HE in social sciences(at least 33 credits at merit or distinction)

The first year of the course is to Familiarise yourself with how events fit into the world of arts, entertainment and the media and Discover the principles of design and learn what it takes to manage conferences and events. The aim of the second year is to broaden your knowledge of festivals, exhibitions, conferences, planning and managing people and expand your knowledge of event innovation and the promotion of events. The third year is an optional placement year and the final year consists of demonstrating your skills in planning and staging events.

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BA (honours) event management

  • Cardiff university for a 3 year course
  • No placement option
  • Course cost is £9,000 a year
  • Entry requirements are 5 GCSEs including Maths and English (grade C or above) Access to HE in social sciences  (45 credits at level 3)

The first year of the course is to introduce the event management and learn about the basics of organising an event and touches on how to manage a business. The second year goes in to more depth where I will learn about crisis management marketing for tourism and hospitality and event ...

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