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THE IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION FOR PREGNANT WOMEN It is highly important for pregnant woman to have a well balanced and nutritional diet as eating healthily and safely is important, no matter which stage of pregnancy the woman is at. All nutrients and vitamins have differing requirements and play different roles in our bodies: Protein requirements do not change for pregnant woman, remaining at 52.5 grams per day. It is needed for growth, repair and maintenance of bodily cells and also in the development of horomones, enzymes, maternal tissue and the foetus. Good sources include meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, nuts and pulses. Fat is needed to insulate the body, protect organs, tissue and of course most importantly the growing baby. It is also needed to provide a secondary source of energy and also to provide the body with vitamins A,D,E and K. It should account for no more than 35% of daily energy food intake. Fat also provides essential fatty acids which is required for foetal brain development, a good source of EFA's is omega three which helps lower cholesterol and prevent harmful blood clots. ...read more.


Good sources include red meat, green leafy vegetables, egg and fortified cereals. Calcium is needed to strengthen teeth and bones to prevent rickets in the baby and osteoporosis in the mother. It is also needed for muscle contraction and blood clotting. The mother needs 700mg daily and if the foetus doesn't have enough it will take it from the mother. Good sources include milk, yogurt and cheese. However, soft cheeses should be avoided to prevent the risk of listeria poisoning. Folic acid is very important to prevent neutral tube defects such as spina bifida. It should be taken 6 weeks before and then after conception. The mother will need a 400 microgram supplement as it is difficult to obtain enough from the diet. However good sources in the diet include fortified breakfast cereals, spinach, brussel sprouts and beetroot. Vitamin A has two forms. Beta carotene is needed for the cell growth of the baby: heart, circulation, nervous system and skin. ...read more.


0.11 mg is needed per day. Good sources include pork, brown rice and green vegetables. Riboflavin - vitamin B2 is also needed for the release energy from cells and also for growth and development of vision, bones, muscles and nerves. Good sources include dairy products, fortified breakfast cereals, beans and lentils. The mother needs 1.4 mg daily. Cobalamin: B12 is needed for red blood cell production and gentic material. The requirement stays the same, 1.5 micrograms. If not enough B12 is consumed the mother can suffer from megaloblastic anaemia, good sources to prevent this include; meat, poultry, kidneys, fish and dairy products. Zinc is needed to build up the immune system and the forming of organs, skeleton, nerves and circulatory system. 7 mg are needed daily. Good sources include red meat, sunflower seeds, tuna and dairy produce. Therefore if the woman is meeting all of the recommendations per day while enjoying a healthy balanced diet she will be fit and healthy and once her baby is born she will realise just how worth while the diet control really was. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Adair ...read more.

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