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AS and A Level: Modern Foreign Languages

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  1. Spanish presentation Dutch tourist attraction

    • Word count: 438
    • Submitted: 22/04/2016

Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish, French and German) are highly valuable subjects to study at A level. Generally referring to the three languages mentioned, in some cases there may be opportunities to study Russian, Italian or Mandarin. The use of a wide selection of media is often used and you will find yourself listening to audio tapes, reading literature, watching films and entering discussions and debates on contemporary issues.

Examinations will test reading, speaking, listening and writing and Marked by Teachers offers significant help in the latter. A selection of essays, many of which have been marked and annotated by highly experienced language teachers, lie at your disposal and a great number of previous students have succeeded by using them to aid their studies.

To be able to converse, read and write with the degree of fluency you'll achieve over the two years will make you a valuable potential employee and serves as excellent preparation for not only studying MFL at a higher level but over number of courses, whether language based or not.


"To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture."

-Frantz Fanon

If you have a talent for learning languages, and you love immersing yourself in new experiences and cultures, then a university-level modern languages degree could be just the ticket for you. No matter whichlanguage you choose - French, Italian, Portuguese, or any other language - you'll emerge from your degree with a broadened mind, and with advanced communication skills.

Writing will be a crucial component of any foreign languages degree. Essays are hard enough in your native tongue, and the challenge is doubled when you try to write in another language. If you want to improve your foreign language writing, consult Marked by Teachers' collection of foreign language essays. Our examples will teach you to winnow the bad from the good, and to emerge with a cleaner, more professional writing style.

Most foreign languages degrees will involve lectures, language labs, oral practice, and a year abroad. Foreign languages students often go on to higherstudy, or to pursue careers in translation, interpretation,education,marketing, or business and administration.


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