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Crunchie as bone replacement

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Is Crunchie a suitable bone structure? Many people will need bones replaced during their lifetime, most of the spare parts are made from polymers and now artificial bone has been developed and is being used. As you can see below both, the Crunchie and the human bone have a similar honeycomb like structure. I am going to test the breaking stress that a Crunchie chocolate bar has. We are going to use this data and compare it to the breaking stress that an ankle bone has to see if it is a suitable replacement. Materials such as Titanium and coral are used, they are chosen because of their tensile strength and how well blood vessels can be threaded through. These two properties may be found in a Crunchie chocolate bar as the honeycomb structure is likely to give room for the blood vessels but also give strength. Equipment Crunchie chocolate bars - I have decided to leave the outer layer of chocolate on the Crunchie bar as this will give a similar affect as the hard outer layer on the bone, and will give me an answer which will be more accurate. Vice - This will be used to hold the Crunchie bar and scales in place, it will also be tightened at an even rate to see what the breaking stress of the crunchie is. Scales - I will use this to work out how much mass the Crunchie bar can take, that number will then be converted to Newtons (N) ...read more.


I will also make sure that when I take the reading off the scales I will stand directly in front of the scales so I can get the most accurate reading possible. Another way to keep my results as accurate as possible is to tighten each screw equally when increasing the pressure on the Crunchie to make sure that the force is equally spread all over the Crunchie. Crunchie Mass in Kg Converted to N 1 30.0 294.3 2 28.0 274.7 3 22.0 215.9 4 27.0 264.9 5 32.0 313.9 6 23.0 225.6 7 30.0 294.3 8 27.0 264.9 Average 27.4 268.6 Breaking Stress in the bone Speed I am calculating the speed you would hit the floor from 10m. v2 = u2 + 2as v2 = 2.000 x 9.810 x 10.00 v2 = 196.2 v = V196.2 v = 14.00ms-2 Deceleration ?v (Change in velocity) ?t (Change in time) 14.00 0.100 = 140.0ms-2 Force on legs f = ma f = 70.00 x 140.0 f = 9.800x103N Cross sectional area of bone ? x 0.0722 = 8.143x10-3m 2.000 Breaking stress of bone ? = f a ? =9.800x103N 8.143x10-3m ? = 1.203x106 Pa Pascal (Pa) is the S.I unit for the measurement of stress. Breaking stress of a Crunchie Using my results I obtained I can work out the breaking stress and then compare it to that of a bone. ...read more.


This is where the pressure being put on the Crunchie causes a melting affect. To improve the experiment I would use a more accurate set of scales, maybe digital ones. I would also set up at video recorder to record the scales so I can play it back in slow motion to get the most accurate reading off of them when the Crunchie breaks. I could also use a set of scales which records the maximum pressure exerted on the Crunchie at the point where it breaks. I would also try and use a vice which is tightened up by just the one screw so I can keep pressure as even as possible, therefore giving me more accurate results. Percentage Error Scales: I think that when I recorded the number off of the scales I could have been out by 1Kg either way as I was only using my eyes to watch the scales. I will work it out using 27.4Kg as this is the average out of my results. 1.00 27.4 x 100 = 3.65% Micrometer: This is very accurate as it measure to the nearest 100th of a mm. As I only measured two lengths with the micrometer I will work out the percentage error for both lengths. 1.00x10-5 1.71x10-2 x 100 = 5.85x10-2% 1.00x10-5 2.70x10-2 x 100 = 3.70x10-2% As you can see both lengths came out with very low percentage errors, which proves that this measuring was very accurate. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Mark Everitt Page 1 ...read more.

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