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dance programme notes

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Vicki-Louise Flowers GCSE Dance - Dance Composition The title of the dance is "Best Friends" and was performed to "The Two Of Us" composed by Fourplay String Quartet. Best Friends is described as a narrative type of dance as it tells the story of two friends. The dance is performed as a group and consists of three dancers. The dance is about friends that talk about their relationship together. Going through the poem it talk about what they do together and what would happen if certain events happened. For example if one of them got hurt or if they stopped being best friends. ...read more.


This helped us create our own dance moves and could be made into our own performances, Our dance is split into four sections. The first section is about two friends who ask each other it their friend would be there if they needed them. We tried to show this by the relationship of the dancers being very close and always having contact. This also aloud us to have our focus on each other at all times. The key movements in this section were balances and taking each others weight. For example one of the dances had to take the others weight to show they were close and trusted each other. ...read more.


The third section is when all three dancers come together and perform a series of complementing and contrasting movements. Levels are also changed thought the section. The key movements in section three are the solos performed by each dancer. Even though the dancers do different dance steps they either complement or contrast each other. The fourth section is when the dancer's reform but one is left out and performs on their own. This wasn't in the poem but we thought it would be an unlikely change in the dance. The ideas for this were thought by real life brake ups. The key movement in section four is when two of the dancers are together and on the other side of the stage the other friend is left on their own with no one. ...read more.

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