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Grech has said that one of the main influence on the recording of the album “I am Chromosome” was the idea that all of his experiences could be categorised into three groups: sensual, holy and debauched and the unhinged “”. They are all disturbing, unsettling pieces of work. He was influenced by such artists as Bjork, , , ,  and many more. These artists characteristics have clearly influenced Grech in the writing of “I am Chromosome” as they are all very alternative musicians, much like this song as it has so many different characteristics to it.


The song does not have a definite structure; it starts off with a clear introduction building up to the song but from there on it does not have clear verses, choruses bridges, hooks and so on. The transition between sections by way of other musical factors is not smooth or flowing, it jumps from section to section with no warning. As shown in Appendix two, there is a table splitting the song up into sections by time. As the song does not have a clear structure the words used to describe the ‘sections’ to my account are what best describe what each section sounds like.


Grech has a voice that can range from a falsetto simper to a full-blooded scream, and as shown in ‘I am chromosome’ he can do this within the same song, and the arrangements are thoroughly constructed. The manufacturing soundscapes and disturbing strings of Guiltless are particularly meaningful. His voice can be deep, strong and frightening it also sounds very vibrated, deep throated and exaggerated at times. He screeches at the end and also uses his voice to play different moods in this particular song. Although the characteristics of his voice are not the normal positive aspects of a singers’ voice his screams and modulation do not seem too much or too little for the effect he is trying to create. He captures his avant-garde genre just how he wants to by doing this. The voice sometimes does not have much connection to the rhythm or melody of the song and seems to go where it wants, however at times his voice is also strongly connected to the rhythm of the song. One of the song’s main attractions at times is the voice as there are not many other stronger aspects to it, although there is the piano and guitar. His voice often overlaps the tune making it stand out more even though the guitar is blasting. By only using a few instruments; the voice and the piano create a bigger outcome than if more instruments where used, a lot of the concentration is on the characteristics of his voice.

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Rhythm and Time

There are so many different sections to this song, therefore it is difficult to analyse it thoroughly as aspects are always changing. These aspects include free time, rebarto, stolen time and so on throughout the song. See Appendix Three where the lyrics arer laid out and I have noted where I feel the beats fall in the song. In some places 4/4 is appropriate but the rhythm is cutting across the 4 beats of each part. It also seems it would be rebarto of 3/3 + 2 in the slow section (Chorus). It is very ...

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