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Outcast the screenplay

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Outcast Director: Jack Holding Screenplay: Jack Holding. EXT. TYPICAL AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL, SUNNY DAY Zoom in from far out sweeping in onto the central doors Music: Basement Jaxx, Do Your Thing. (Diegetic) Bell rings hundreds of kids run out central doors making a loud noise over backing music. Voice kicks in straight away after bell. Voice of Morgan freeman Voice over. Anyone would think this Is an ordinary high school! Wouldn't you? Far from it! In here are many secrets about To be revealed! EXT/INT. FOLLOW THROUGH THE DOORS - DAY Camera follows through doors after all kids have gone out INT. KEYHOLE TO GYMNASIUM, LIGHT BY THE SUN LIGHT THROUGH HUGE WINDOWS Shot zoom in to door way and through the keyhole and continue zooming out ...read more.


Well done! Practice over. Remember we've got a show Friday, Don't be late! All the other girls run for the changing room but Jessie stays. Jay was watching them practise approaches Jessie in the middle of the basket ball arena with no one in there but them. Jay is seeing Jessie and they have a strong relationship with each other. Both extremely popular, and know it. Jay has a typical American accent. He is wearing an American football bomber jacket with jeans, white sneakers and has spiky hair. Jay Hey! Jessie is in white sneakers and a tracksuit with her hair pulled back. Jessie O Hey! I saw that you where watching up there! ...read more.


INT. INSIDE CAF� - DAY Inside the corner caf�, Jay and Jessie talk to friends who are sitting outside. They both then walk inside the caf� opening the door with a bell ringing. Jay Two cheese burgers to go. Caf� owner is serving them. She is old and has a Texas accent and wears a casual dress with a white apron over it and her hair is tied up in a net. Caf� owner Please? Jay Please Caf� owner God the children of today! No manners! She throws two burgers wrapped in paper into a brown paper bag Caf� owner There you go! That $3.50 Jay get $5 out of his wallet and puts it on the till and says keep the change. He does this in a bid to impress Jessie. Caf� owner Why thank you sir but this doesn't excuse you form your bad manner ...read more.

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