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Title - New Life?My dance is based on a newborn bird. It 'hatches' and is happy to be alive. I have used extended and open moves to show the happiness.

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Extended Programme Notes New Life? Title - New Life? My dance is based on a newborn bird. It 'hatches' and is happy to be alive. I have used extended and open moves to show the happiness. I try to show that the bird must face up to being brave, by making it jump off a cliff, but it is scared. I reach for some answers and then try again. Again I become thrilled and excited. Unfortunately the bird is 'shot' at the end. Music - 'Kiss From A Rose' By - Seal When I heard 'Kiss From A Rose', I felt I could hear the sound of birds. The song is from 'Pan Pipes' CD and I feel the sound of the Pan Pipes gives the impression of the birds soaring through the air and calling. I try to portray this in parts of my dance. Stimulus - My stimulus was partly Swansong, the bird-like movements in Swansong give out feeling, which I liked and attempted to capture. I have taken that feeling and made it my own. I also got my ideas from the song I dance to. ...read more.


Motif 2 - I do some jumps in the dance and near the end I do a jump, suddenly, facing the front to give the idea 'I'm free'. I jump forward with my left leg forward (Shown Below) and move into a step and circle my arm over my head. I showed my extension by moving straight into the step, no pause. The motif was the first steps, which I have expanded into a lunge and an arm movement. I gave the impression I am a bird by using flowing arms and legs, also not many sharp, edgy moves. Dynamics - There is a change of rhythm in my music, so I have tried to change the dynamics of my dance to match this. Mood - The mood of my dance has a contrast in it also. At the start the mood is calm, I'm searching, I discover who I am, what I have, and try to use it. I face what comes as best I can. After I jump the cliff, a sudden burst of energy is put into the music and also into the bird. ...read more.


My body moves are important in a 'bird' sense but I feel my facial expressions should try to be important too. So when I feel but also when I jump the cliff I am free and my expression should be less tense, easy, maybe excited. Staging - When thinking about Presentation and Staging I have considered where the audience will be at all times. I have considered where the front is, its important I try not to do moves that should be to the front, to the back and vice versa. I found the ideas difficult to put across, and if I were to compose another dance I think I would like to do a group choreography. If I were doing a different idea I think I would pull away from the bird ideas and explore different emotions. Maybe, again, do something with more than 1 person, to get more communication into a dance. I feel my dance is effective in the sense that people can understand it and it leaves a thought in their minds. I feel I have developed my ideas and converted them into a dance, considering all I can and maximising it to the fullest, as much as is needed. ...read more.

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