Uses of Technology in Music Education

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Uses of Technology in Music Education

        Technology has played a huge part in the musical section of my education, more so than any other subject.  While the main use of technology in most subjects is computer technology, I experienced many other kinds of technology while learning about music.

        One of the ideas that I have for music education in the future is for students to be able to compose original background sounds for classroom readings and dramatizations. There will be software programs designed to be used specifically by young children. With these programs music will be composed using non-traditional means such as drawing lines to compose a melody. Students will be able to arrange a piece of music using a MIDI sequencer to change instruments and timbres. They will also be able to experiment with different combinations of sounds using a MIDI sequencer to alter the elements and characteristics of the music. Melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, and form, will be isolated, changed, and elements such as ritards, accelerandos, and crescendos will be created and controlled.  In short, I hope to make it simple and easy for young children to enjoy the wonderful feeling of composing a piece of music.

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Notation software such as Finale, Sibelius and Garage Band enable students to compose or arrange for voices and/or instruments. They provide a way to listen to a composition as it is being composed and to print legible scores and parts. Using notation software can enhance compositions using a variety of instruments and ranges. Students can play back their compositions using a variety of timbres. Notes can be entered in step time or real time.  Using notation software rather than composing by hand allows the composer to hear the composition as it is being written and to make quick, clean changes ...

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This is an informative essay about the uses of technology in the classroom. it includes some highly relevant aspects of technology in the classroom but also looses it's way a little when referring to the piano hammers.