Rolls of Lesley Dixon, National Netball Coach

  • Manager- Lesley Dixon has to pick members of her squad for the match team
  • Coach- Lesley Dixon has to train the squad to get them up to match fitness and teach them skills
  • Team Leader- Lesley has to set an example to players and has to  supervises them during training

Skills of Lesley Dixon, National Netball Coach

  • Be concerned primarily with the well being, safety, and protection of her players.
  • Take all reasonable steps to establish a safe working environment.
  • Be punctual at all training sessions, matches and meetings.
  • Be responsible for planning, co-ordinating, delivering and evaluating the sessions.
  • Ensure that all she does is in keeping with the regular and approved practice of England Netball.
  • Attend appropriate England Netball coaching courses and hold at least the Level 1 Coach Award before coaching alone.
  • Be responsible for regularly seeking ways of increasing her personal and professional development.
  • Accept responsibility for a player’s behaviour when in a sporting environment.
  • Display high personal standards in code of dress, health, cleanliness.
  • Be equitable and fair to all players.
  • Well disciplined and dose not tolerate bad play

Techniques of Lesley Dixon, National Netball Coach

  • Be responsible for setting and monitoring the boundaries between the player and the coach.
  • Show players presentations on game plans and get involved in the training to demonstrate
  • Analysis opponent, to get to no how the other team play and compare it to her team
  • Applaud players for good play with bonuses in their wage packets
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Rolls of Mrs Hyams, School Netball Coach

  • Coach- Mrs Hyams has to pick the netball team
  • Team Leader- Mrs Hyams has to set practise for the team
  • Umpire Matches-Mrs Hyams will have to umpire our matches and other mates.
  • Admin- Mrs Hyams will have to book matches by contacting other schools and has to make a fixture so the players know when they are playing

Skills of Mrs Hyams, School Netball Coach

  • Keep Team Motivated
  • Organise Netball Matches and Tournaments
  • Encourage uniform and punctuality for matches and training sessions
  • Be responsible for keeping ...

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