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Action plan to improve my performance in rounders.

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Action plan Agility is an important component of rounders as it is used to run around the bases and also for being able to field efficiently. Fielding is important as you need to field the ball effectively including catching, ground work and throwing as it will reduce the oppositions chance of scoring rounders. Anatomy & Physiology ? Warm up ? Increased speed of contraction and relaxation of warmed muscles ? Dynamic exercises reduce muscle stiffness ? Greater economy of movement because of lowered viscous resistance within warmed muscles ? Facilitated oxygen utilization by warmed muscles because haemoglobin releases oxygen more readily at higher muscle temperatures ? Facilitated nerve transmission and muscle metabolism at higher temperatures; a specific warm up can facilitate motor unit recruitment required in subsequent all out activity ? Increased blood flow through active tissues as local vascular beds dilate, increasing metabolism and muscle temperatures. ? Allows the heart rate get to a workable rate for beginning exercise ? Mentally focused on the training or competition Cool down main- maintains venous return through muscular pump. types of muscle contraction, concentrate on elbow joint. isometric, isotonic ect... dorisiflexion, core muscles, spine, erectus spinae, flexion at hip slight, with legs abducted squeezing in, knee slight flexion maintained Exercise Physiology Exercise Physiology- Fast twitch/Slow twitch fibres. ...read more.


Do a jump to your left so your left foot stays in the ladder square and your right foot lands in the next ladder square. 5. Do a jump to your right so your right foot stays in the ladder square and your left foot lands outside the ladder. 6. Repeat the sequence from 2 to 5 all the way along the ladder. Exercise 6: 1. Begin standing sideways to the ladder. 2. Step into the first square with the right foot. 3. Next, step over the ladder to the other side with the left foot 4. Step with the right foot laterally to the next square 5. Next, step over the ladder to the other side with the left foot. 6. Step with the right foot laterally to the next square. 7. Repeat the sequence from 3 to 6 all the way along the ladder. Might be better to action plan for FIELDING (ground fielding, catching, throwing, backing up...) as it will give you more drills to chose and you could build up to game situations Action plan 2 - Catching and fielding Catching - Watch ball carefully throughout P - Preparation - Get into position, Move feet, Get hands ready to catch ball. ...read more.


Perform two to four sets for six to 10 seconds per set. Rest a minute to a minute and a half between sets. Adaptation 3 Add sprints to the end of the hurdle movements. Starting in the same position, sprint laterally to the right over the hurdles and back. Then, as you step over the last hurdle, perform one of the following listed sprints. ? Immediately sprint forward eight yards. ? Turn right, and sprint straight ahead over the hurdles eight yards. ? Drop step and sprint straight away from the hurdles eight yards. Verstegen suggests two to three sets of four to six reps on the hurdle drills and sprints. Start with the first and simplest sprint pattern, and progress to performing the drop step and sprint movement. In-season three-hurdle drill variation ? perform the listed hurdle-to-sprint movements continuously, jogging back to the hurdles to perform the next sprint. For example, sprint laterally over the hurdles to the left and back to right; then sprint forward eight yards. Next, jog back to the hurdles; immediately sprint laterally over the hurdles to your left and back to the right, then turn toward the hurdles as you step over the last hurdle and sprint straight over the hurdles eight yards. Jog back to the hurdles and continue this pattern for each sprint. ...read more.

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