Alalyse the current application of performance in technology to enhance sport performance

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                                                   Video analysis and digital video analysis

The SportsCode suite — featuring  — is designed especially for coaches and trainers as a video analysis / performance analysis system enabling you to gather vital information on team dynamics and individual performances — including the competition.

SportsCode Gamebreaker from Sportstec brings together the ease-of-use and flexibility of SportsCode and the player data collected by Trak Performance enabling coaches to put together meaningful “tactics” and scouting reports.


In America College and high school coaches use SportsCode Gamebreaker to:

  1. Capture Sports Video : Capture video live from a DV camera or after the event from DV tape, VHS or DVD 
  2. Code Sports Video : No predefined structures of coding templates — you set the rules Enjoy the flexibility of defining your own code buttons.
  3. Game Film Video Analysis: Overlay any two video files, Review sequential frames within any video instance through the Instance Monitor (Picture Above)
  4. Make Movies : Replay video at different speeds, frame by frame, fast forward/backward. View single instances or compile multiple instances and make a movie.


SportsCode is a revolutionary sports video analysis tool that analyzes any combination of play, by player or type of play. SportsCode is highly sophisticated performance analysis software, the ultimate tool for performance recording, in-depth analysis and individual player development.

It is used during performances for comparisons and fine-tuning, then afterwards to coach players or teams with a comprehensive database of video and statistical information.

Video Analysis

SportsCode is leading the world in intelligent Sports Video Analysis. The functionality and features jammed into this product make it the most powerful sports video tool available today:

  • Powerful Access to Information
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Biomechanical Analysis

Frequency Lists

SportsCode’s Frequency List gives you a complete snapshot of what is happening during a game. This tool shows you:

  • The number of times each code was used e.g. Red possession.
  • How much time those actions took e.g. 40 minutes.
  • The percentage of the total performance time those actions took e.g. 66%.
  • The mean time for each action e.g. 20 sec’s.

Split Screen and Overlay Comparisons
SportsCode provides split screen and overlay analysis tools, great assets when you want to highlight differences in technique and to compare similar actions such as a soccer free kick, football pass play or basketball foul shot.

Trak Performance

During training sessions and competitive games, coaches can use Trak Performance to measure:

  • Total distance travelled 
  • Breakdown speeds during the half or entire game 
  • Mean speeds 
  • Distances travelled at various speeds 
  • Work rates 
  • Where the majority of game statistics are gathered 
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CODA is the latest addition of products, and it can dramatically change coaching staff's game analysis capabilities.

CODA runs on palm size PDAs and enables you to set up user-defined templates for Live Coding.

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These are all good for the athletes that take their sport very serious and want to improve in every way possible. In 2007 Chelsea Football Club goalkeeper Petr Cech used video analysis after making a mistake in a London Derby match, after watching the video of watch happened he then decided to improve on the weakness with the advice of his ...

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