Analyse the roles and responsibilities of coaches.

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The UK Coaching Strategy describes the role of the sports coach as one that "enables the athlete to achieve levels of performance to a degree that may not have been possible if left to his/her own endeavours".  I think this is a fair statement and it is true that most athletes today professional and amateur would say that without their coaches from their younger years and throughout their career they would not be where they are today, this could be because their coaches kept them interested and motivated, keep them away from anti-social behaviour and street gangs by training more times a week or even getting them involved in other teams such as development squads etc.

Coaching roles


One of a coach’s roles is to teach/instruct the performer, this is usually done by teaching and instructing the performer how to perform certain skills and telling them were they are going wrong or need to improve in the skill.


A good manager will show the ability to manage time, space and equipment. He/she will manage time by setting times for the players to meet for trainings and matches. He/she will manage space by setting out the drills on the pitch they are training on. He/she will manage equipment by making sure there is enough cones, balls, bibs etc. Being able to arrange matches, tournaments maybe even trips away. Knowing how to treat individuals maybe there’s a ‘Messer’ on the team showing the discipline and patience to control him and discipline him if necessary, this is important because if you let that one player mess around the rest of the team will think they can.

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A manager will have to have a good relationship with his players if he wants to be successful in developing his players. A good relationship with all the players will create a better team atmosphere and spirit. Players will not be afraid to talk to the manager if they have problems outside of sport or in sport, the manager will give the player(s) advice, this shows that a friendship has been made.


A manager has to motivate his players to try and get the best performance out of them, but there are different types of ...

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